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Daily Nation pro-PF paper


I agree with your  ‘Sad’ reader who is disappointed with text messages in your paper nowadays. Truly your paper has become pro-PF. You may wish to know that all the messages are there just to attack the opposition. Sad and shame!

S.M., Mazabuka


 Daily Nation balanced paper


I am a reader of the Daily Nation and I would like to disagree with the so-called ‘Sad’ reader. The reason for my friend is they are used to the lies of The Post and Watchdog; hence when the Daily Nation is trying to balance on reporting the  truth, they think the paper is biased. Daily Nation, thank you for the balanced reporting; continue  the good work; your paper makes sense. Let them continue with their propaganda newspaper.



 Daily Nation trying very hard


If the Daily Nation were pro-PF, the text message by ‘Sad’ reader would not have been published. Write an article praising the PF to one daily tabloid and see if it will see the light of day. Personally, I think Daily Nation is trying hard to balance its news content.

Sampa, Kitwe


 Who is really tribalist?


From 1964 to date we Tonga people have produced MPs in our areas who stood under the parties led by either Bembas or Easterners; but these two tribes have not produced an MP in their areas who stood under a  party led by a Tonga, Lozi or Luvale but they continue branding us tribalists. Can someone judge who the true tribalists are among these tribes.

KM, Lusaka


 Kambwili missed the point


The remarks by Information and Broadcasting minister Chishimba Kambwili during the last Sunday Interview on tribalism is tantamount to hate speech. To put the record straight, I don’t belong to any political party but I am someone who exercises his or her right to vote during an election. Hon Kambwili was quoted as saying: ‘‘There is a region in Zambia where even if you bring  Jesus Christ to contest an election, people will still vote for someone of their own tribe.’’ On that score, I feel the minister missed the point by issuing such a statement. He should tame his tongue.

Concerned Zambian


 School fees not reduced


Allow me space to air my concern over school fees at Kalambakuwa High School in Nyimba district.  I am appealing to the Government to tell the headmaster of this school to reduce the fees; we find difficulties to pay school fees for our children due to climate changes. This is a Government school which has not reduced fees.

Concerned parent


 Ballots to be printed locally


It is a good move by the Electoral  Commission of Zambia to have the ballot papers printed in the country prior to 2016 tripartite elections. The ballot papers were printed by foreign firms like those from South Africa and Israel. The engaging of local firms to print the ballot papers is one way of empowering the local firms and reducing the cost, thereby saving financial resources which can be channeled to other developmental needs of the  country. The local companies that will be awarded the contract of printing the ballot papers must do quality work.

Elemiya Phiri


 Where’s the problem, Dr Chilufya?


Nearly all nurses who graduated from nursing schools in 2014 are not employed. Where is the problem, Dr. Chitalu Chilufya? 

M.K., Kabwe




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