PARLIAMENT should consider restoring the immunity of second republican president Frederick Chiluba posthumously because he was acquitted on criminal charges for which he lost his immunity from prosecution, former Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Kashiwa Bulaya has said.

Dr Bulaya said former president Chiluba did a lot for the country and that the removal of his immunity was orchestrated, engineered and executed by the cartel that illicitly took control of State institutions using the friendship they created with the Government and leadership that they manipulated.

He said future governments should never fall into the temptation of maliciously removing immunities of former leaders because what had happened in Zambia was not the fight against corruption but a scheme to harass and scandalize former presidents.

Dr Chiluba explained that countries that gained their independence after Zambia such as Namibia and Mozambique did not have a history of harassing their former heads of State because they respected their former leaders.

He said Tanzania was a shining example of a country that respected the institution of the presidency and that since the time of Julius Nyerere to the current President, John Magufuli, none of its former presidents has been harassed under the guise of fighting corruption as was the case in Zambia.

“Parliament should consider restoring the immunity of second republican president Frederick Chiluba whose immunity was without doubt maliciously planned, engineered and executed by the cartel at the time. Late president Chiluba did a lot for this country and was acquitted of his criminal cases by the court and it would only be appropriate for Parliament to consider restoring his immunity posthumously,” Dr Bulaya said.

And Dr Bulaya has paid tribute to President Lungu for having delivered to Zambians a people-driven Constitution which had been eluding the country for many years. Dr Bulaya said President Lungu had shown true traits of a democrat and a listening leader who had refused the temptation of resisting the demands of citizens.

“President Lungu has exhibited true traits of a true democrat by giving Zambians their Constitution. While other leaders in the region and elsewhere in Africa are changing their constitutions to allow them run for the infamous third term, President Lungu has been magnanimous enough to respect the wishes of Zambians by assenting to the amended Constitution,’’ Dr Bulaya said.

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