I agree with Grand Coalition spokesperson MacDonald Chipenzi on his view about Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba’s need to first apologize to the nation for being part of the confusion in the constitution-making process before he could join groups that want the constitution to be subjected to a referendum (Daily Nation, January 12, 2016).

As PF justice minister, Kabimba dismally made lame-excuse after lame-excuse and in the end he got fired by the late president Michael Sata for reasons he’s yet to let the nation know albeit unrepentantly.

From the look of things, he concentrated on making empty promises about delivery of the constitution-making process roadmap that he lamentably failed to fulfil.

The fundamental feeling is that he significantly failed to win the hearts and minds of the population with his approach that was characterized by despotic political arrogance and endless delaying tactics.

He underestimated the will of the people, and the credit must go to the Zambian people and the current president who has managed to deliver the people-driven constitution within 12 months which Kabimba lamentably failed to do in over 24 months.

However, the remarkable deafening silence of most PF leaders as Kabimba shamelessly swears to rain scorn on the amended constitution is at best mind boggling, and at worst blood boiling. Kabimba has certainly crossed the lines of patience and tolerance.

How does he even dare to attack the sovereign head of state for his decision to assent to the Constitutional Bills.

Disgustingly, the Rainbow Party leader has become a shameless tool of the Post newspaper’s daily hatred, nihilistic malice and spiteful campaigns. That is simply annoying and nauseating belligerence.

Mubanga Luchembe,


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