Anything political the Catholic Church will be ready to speak out, but anything religious is rejected at the highest level of the church- what a shame.

I am very surprised that the Roman Catholic Church has been very quick to offer an inter-denominational forum for political parties to dialogue ahead of elections.

Not only that the church  through spokesman  Fr. Winfield Kunda  has been quick in accusing Minister of Information Chishimba Kambwili of having abused Gods name.

The church must be seen to be fair. The church was silent and quiet when  the first ever  highly tribal meeting was called.

Never in the history has any tribe come together to discuss an insult.  Late President Mwanawasa was reported to have said Bembas stink. Not a single Bemba called for a tribal meeting.

Interestingly the interview by Hon Kambwili did not mention any Province or any tribe, why should the Catholic Church now name the tribe and Province?

This priest and the Church are displaying the highest levels of hypocrisy because voting statistics are readily available and will show the  schewed pattern of voting in which one province is overwhelmingly “one party”.

This is not a healthy situation for the church to find itself.

This is the same church that is vehemently opposed to an inter-denominational approach to worship.

Our Catholic bishops would rather sit down with other churches to counsel politicians but refuse to sit together with other churches to create a house of worship to the higher authority to which they worship.

What kind of hypocrisy is this?

How will the Government and the Patriotic Front trust the Catholic Church to be impartial when it has refused to cooperate in creating a house of worship as mooted by State and party President.

The church must be more concerned with spiritual rather than earthly matters otherwise it loses its mission and purpose.

Rodney Mweemba.

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