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Secret election pact

Dear Editor

The desperation for power in Zambia is truly frightening. My biggest worry is that many people will suffer if those seeking power so desperately will ascend to power, they are so intense and determined that any opposition is seen as a stumbling block.

The worst part of the matter is that these elections are hardly free and fair because we all know that one party has a block vote compared to the other provinces which are likely to split votes among many candidates from different parties.

You can be rest assured that the UPND, FDD and indeed PF will get seats in all the remaining nine provinces but only one party will get seats in one province.

This means that voting is not on the basis of competence and ability of the Presidential candidate but rather on his origin. This is wrong because all the other nine provinces will be voting for the most competent person.

The secret pact that is being planned is obviously intended to make the scale even more unfair by offering bribes to small parties and NGOs to vote for a candidate who will already have an inbuilt regional vote.

Serious conflict will come to pass if this eventuality occurs because many people will not accept such an outcome that is evidently not based on choosing the best candidate. Oswald Zimba


Mr Jack Mwiimbu should leave President Lungu alone

Dear Editor

Allow me some space in you widely read paper to comment on remarks by Mr Jack Mwiimbu of the opposition UPND.

I am referring to his claims that Mr Chishimba Kambwili’s alleged tribal remarks have the blessings of President Lungu.

For me, I think Mr Mwiimbu was playing low down politics because he surely knows that Mr Kambwili is Government spokesman and above all an adult who is responsible for his actions.

I know that the UPND  hates President Lungu for very  well-known reason but should that  be the reason to malign the  Head of State   even in matters he is not directly  involved?

I know that he was referring to Mr Kambwili’s remarks in which he suggested  that if Jesus Christ stood in a certain  province he did not mention, the Son of Man would not win an election because the people there would certainly reject him. I don’t remember Mr Kambwili mentioning South Province during that Sunday  Interview on ZNBC TV as alleged by Mr Mwiimbu.

Mr Kambwili’s  quote  from that  interview ran as follows: “At the moment there is one  political party in this country which is so tribal to the extent that the area where they come from even if you bring Jesus Christ to stand against  their president in the area where they come from, they will reject Jesus .They will not vote for Jesus Christ”

At no time did he mention Southern Province or was there any need to bring in President Lungu?

From his tone, to me I think that in the event the UPND formed government, Mr Kambwili can expect the worst for his life.

But that should not be the case in a country like Zambia (a Christian nation) which should be guided by biblical principles, especially one which calls on us to forgive and bless our perceived enemies.

Two wrongs will not make a right because I smell vengeance in the heart of Mr Mwiimbu and I stand to be corrected.  David Moyo

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