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Edgar Lungu God-sent


Allow me space in your widely read and balanced paper. Zambia is headed for more blessings under the leadership of President Lungu and all those insulting him and planning his downfall won’t succeed. We are praying for our jubilee President and I urge all loving Zambians first to pray for President Lungu. The cartel must die after August 11th. President Edgar Lungu is God-sent. God bless Zambia.

Rev Edgar Chishimba


Post landed VJ in trouble


While it may be true that Vernon Mwaanga made the remarks of rigging in the Post newspaper, the paper has a tendency of twisting real issues. This must give an example to all those who are fond of rushing to this print media to air their views. The Post newspaper is a very big  hazard to the nation.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka


Parents cry over high fees


The Government said school fees have been reduced to as low as K600. Alas! Here at New Matero Secondary School, parents are made to pay K1,000, the same amount we paid last year. Please can Government tell us: who should we believe – teachers or Government?

Concerned Parent.


Chitimukulu treading on

shaky ground


I read with interest the article of Mwiine Lubemba, the Chitimukulu. The chief should realize that we know the history of the chieftainship of the Bemba. He should not cross the line by starting to accuse innocent people. What he should know is that what gives the Bemba apparent power is the geographical spread of the Bemba language in Luapula, Northern and Muchinga and not Kasama, Mporokoso and Chinsali. He is treading on very shaky grounds.

 K. Chanda, Luanshya


Kambwili is right


How the Tongas vote is true tribalism. I remember in the January presidential election some areas in Southern Province gave zero votes to President Lungu. How possible was that?. Is it by accident that UPND has been led only by Tongas?. Remember Zambia has 10 provinces. Come 11/08/2016 you will cry.

MK, Mazabuka


Constitution that people wanted


It’s a new year with new Constitution for Zambia. People cried for it but the same people are now complaining about it. It is my appeal to everyone in Zambia to bury our differences and unite as One Zambia One Nation. Let’s not complain but support the leadership of this nation in a new way.

P. Abraham Joshua Banda, Barlastone


 Liars will not enter God’s kingdom


Its true liars are not going to enter the Kingdom of God.  Concerned citizen


Southern Province too tribal


It’s shocking to hear Garry Nkombo saying that the people of  Southern Province  are ready for change. It shows that no matter how the government delivers and since the President is not from  that area, they will never support him or her. Tribalism is badly rooted in these  UPND people that only prayer and fasting can help them. Unfortunately when our President called for prayers they decided to stay away. Now the Demon  of tribalism has manifested in Nkombo. I pity GBM and Dr C Banda  who are being used but soon they will regret.

CP Lusaka

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