THE K250 a copy price of the newly amended Constitution with the presidential signature is too high and unaffordable to the majority of Zambians, it was learnt yesterday.

Many people were of the view that Government and other stakeholders should consider the current economic situation of the country before they set the price for the document. Those talked to said that the document was meant for every Zambian citizen and it would not be fair for some people not to have access to the  Constitution because it was unaffordable.

Mr Sydney Zyambo, a resident of Libala township in Lusaka, said it was not fair that Government could sell a document at such a high price when there were people in Zambia who were unable to manage three meals a day.

“Our Government is being inconsiderate; the Constitution is meant for every Zambian to go through so that they are able to understand and not just the rich people’’, said Mr. Zyambo.

He said if the price of the Constitution was not reduced it would only be a document for the rich. ‘’We cannot have a document said to be for every Zambian be at such a high price; people go to bed hungry how will they manage to buy a document that expensive,’’ said Mr. Zyambo.

Another resident of Bauleni township Mumba Kantu said the price of  Constitution showed that the document was only meant for the rich.

‘’They said the document is ours and that is why they wanted us to witness the signing ceremony but now they are selling it at a price that only the rich can afford; it would have been better if they had told some of us that the Constitution was not meant for us and we had no business being at the National Heroes Stadium,’’ Ms. Kantu said.

Some youths talked to in the town centre said that they did not understand the Constitution but had hoped that when the document was signed they would be given an opportunity to have personal copies so that they could go through and understand what the document was all about.

“We had hoped that they will give us the copies of the amended Constitution so that we can go through it and understand all the clauses and changes even those that have raised tension especially among opposition political parties,’’ one youth said.

And opposition National Revolution Party secretary general Hector Soondo said the Government should reconsider reducing the price at which the Constitution was currently being sold.

Mr. Soondo said the Constitution was very expensive and the price was not fair to the Zambian people.

He said the Government should consider putting the Constitution online so that those people who could not afford to buy a copy could access it online. – Millennium Radio 90.5FM

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