WYNTER Kabimba is a joker who should never be taken seriously over his comments on the Constitution because he was part of the Patriotic Front leaders who promised Zambians a Constitution within 90 days but failed, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has charged.

Mr. Musoma has told the Daily Nation that Mr. Kabimba was in ‘‘pole position’’ to have demonstrated that he had what it took to live up to the expectations of Zambians by using his position as Minister of Justice to deliver the Constitution.

He branded Mr. Kabimba a political failure who needed to retire from politics because he had nothing to offer to Zambians.

Mr Musoma said Mr. Kabimba was a wrong person to talk about the Constitution and democracy because his party’s ideology defeated the very democracy he was portraying as defending, adding that Zambians could never be taken for a ride because their memories about what he did while in the PF were still fresh. He said Mr. Kabimba had brought embarrassment to the political arena because he had shown arrogance, inconsistency and lack of seriousness in the way he articulated national issues.

Mr Musoma said there was no way a person who almost derailed the constitution process should be demonising those who were only a step away from delivering a people-driven Constitution and expected the people to believe that he meant well for the country.

“Mr. Kabimba is a joker who had brought embarrassment to the political arena and should never be taken seriously by Zambians because they know how he almost derailed the constitution-making process. He should tell us what he did towards the enactment of the Constitution he is condemning today when he was the Minister of Justice.

“This man does not even qualify to be among the people who should be telling us how the Constitution has been manipulated or how the process was not followed because the very ideologies of his party go against the principles of democracy,” Mr. Musoma said.

He said politicians needed to give credit where it was due because the PF under President Edgar Lungu had done what successive governments had failed to do, adding that President Lungu would go down in history as one of the greatest presidents who offered the people of Zambia a Constitution that they had waited for over a long time.

Last week, Mr. Kabimba described the amended Constitution as a sham because it was doctored to favour the ruling party.

He said the amended Constitution was contrary to the expectations and aspirations of the people.

Mr Kabimba said what had come out in the amended Constitution was different from what was in the draft.

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