Lusaka City Council (LCC) should control the construction of churches and schools within residential areas to reduce the effects of noise pollution.

Some Lusaka residents have criticized the construction of church structures and some private schools within residential areas which has proved to be a huge bother especially in noise pollution.

One of the concerned residents, Sally Silungwe of SOS area North of Lusaka complained that many households were being forced to spend sleepless nights whenever there were overnight prayers.

Ms Silungwe said a group of people have come up with another church structure in the same area which she said would contribute to the noise pollution  for nearby residents.

“I woke up (Thursday) and found that people are busy putting up a church, this is in addition to another church that is adjacent to this new structure.

“I feel this is too much and unfair because with the one church we have been subjected to sleepless nights because of overnight prayers and loud music,” she said.

Ms Silungwe wondered how the occupants of the houses surrounded by these churches would survive the loud music day and night especially at weekends.

“I would like to find out how the council can help in bringing sanity in our area because this is too much,

“From what I have gathered, the plot was a donation from a church member who lives in the same area. Home is supposed to be peaceful not so?” she asked

There have been several complaints of church buildings located in residential areas disturbing households with loud noise and music during their prayer sessions especially during overnight prayer gatherings.


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