13th January, 2016 text messages

Kambwili was right


Allow me to say bravo to our beloved Hon Kambwili for the  good articulation of what the PF has done four years in office (Sunday interview 10th January, 2016). The  wrongdoers are always afraid and  affected or in other words the  truth hurts. In politics to call someone under-5 simply means you are politically an amateur. The tribal remarks which came after the first leader of UPND Mr. Anderson Mazoka died that only a Tonga leader should take over is still fresh in our minds. One wonders why that statement was obeyed and another Tonga took over.

DC, Lusaka



 God bless Zambia


As we await the day of electing our next President, I wish to encourage the candidates to exercise self- discipline during campaign period. Thank you God for mother Zambia. God bless Edgar Lungu, all opposition leaders and Zambia at large.

Dominic M, Lusaka


  Kabimba fooling who?


Wynter Kabimba should not take us Zambians for chickens as if our lives are in his hands. Are you telling us that when you used to stand on that platform with late President Sata telling us that you were going to give us a new Constitution, you were fooling us? One can easily see traits of a despot in the making. Please avoid bringing immorality in our politics.

Micky, Lusaka


IG should visit police camps


Allow me to express my views to the new I.G of Police. Recently the Daily Nation has reported many cases of police misconduct and crowd reaction. My views are that the high command should learn to visit residential areas of police officers and see how they differ, e.g. Chelstone police camp and Sikanze police camp. Roads in Chelstone are tarred while Sikanze has potholes and only have entrance and exit – road from O.P is the only entrance and exit. Guy Scott never visited Sikanze camp nor former I.G and yet Sikanze camp is just a stone throw from town, UTH, Civic Centre but the  area is bad.  G.Z


 No wind of change blowing


There is no wind of change in Zambia. Looking at the political atmosphere with the developmental projects Zambians have witnessed and are still witnessing, with the leadership of PF government, the wind of change has no room in this year’s general elections because even a blind person feels development. Viva  E.C Lungu.

Lawrence Tembo, Lusaka


   Opposition must unite


Opposition political parties should unite and work together if they are to remove  PF from power. The problem of everyone wanting to be president will not work.

Chitamuka Joel, emerging leader, Samfya


Media should be impartial


The media should cover all political parties equally prior to the 2016 tripartite elections. This is  important in that it will accord an opportunity to the electorate to scrutinize those aspiring for leadership positions and ultimately make informed decisions to elect leaders of their own choice without interference. The media play a  significant role in disseminating  information and on this score it should not exhibit any form of biasness by maligning some political parties at the expense of others. This should not be the case as it compromises the ethics of journalism.

Elemiya Phiri.

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