13th January, 2016 letters

VJ must retire from politics

This turn of events where junior politicians are now taking VJ to the police is most embarrassing, uncalled for and a serious dent on the  noble memories most young people hold of the old generation.

He must now seriously think of completely retiring from politics and let the new generation take over. His time for dribbling and using semantics to say one thing and mean another are long gone.

He may not have wanted to use the word rigging but his statement states rigging.

The young journalists look beyond the origin of the word to modern usage and will therefore catch out the old politicians who thinks that he is too clever.

VJ belongs to the age of KK, RB and the rest of them, who should be  consulted rather than play active politics.

The moral of the story is that time comes for all of us to hang our gloves and leave everything to the young. That time has come for VJ. May he rest in peace. Victor Cheelo


Lungu’s critics didn’t expect he would assent the Constitution

It is amazing how those opposition political parties and some civil society  organizations that criticized President Edgar Lungu of not having a vision could be beaten hands down by the same person they had written off.

A vision is by definition simply a desired future. Going by this definition, I’m proud to state that President Edgar Lungu has a great vision for this country, it means he puts Zambians first before self.

How many times have the constitution-making process flopped in this country after spending colossal sums of money that could have been well spent on poverty reduction programs?

And some sworn critiques wanted President Lungu to once again supervise a failed constitution-making process.

This is absurd. I can only conclude that some opposition political parties and some personal to holder NGOs are used to getting sitting allowances in these constitution-making processes. To them concluding the process means putting a stop to the flow of allowances into their pockets.

These characters doubted that the President would assent to the Constitution, they thought he would dread doing so just like the former presidents. They have realized that campaign issues are rapidly reducing; they wanted to use the Constitution as a campaign issue.

One thing that Zambians should be aware of is that UPND did not mean well on the issue of the Constitution going by the comments from their leader HH and some senior UPND leaders such as Request Muntanga that mocked the President as to why his Government included the 50+1 per cent threshold.

Zambians clearly demanded this  clause from the first Constitution Review Commission to the recent one, meaning that UPND could have thrown away many clauses that the people of Zambia desired.

It is therefore proper and fair to describe President Edgar Lungu as a truly God-given leader who has come to change the way politics should be done in modern times, to move from politics of benefits to politics of service, from politics of creed to politics of consultation.

We must treat people like Fr Leonard Chiti, McDonald Chipenzi , Dante Saunders and Sarah Longwe as UPND vuvuzelas.

Their political ambition has impaired their vision for a just society.  Zambians ought to realize that procedures and processes of governance have changed for the better in the new Constitution.

Can you imagine the President agreeing to the document that sheds off some of his powers!

This is the first time Zambia is having a President who has refused to subscribe to the rule of man. He is unique, I must confess.

Let me take this opportunity to appeal to the President to spare some time and relook at the party structure of the Patriotic Front to make reporting and communication channels clear so that there is a systematic flow of information of development to the people of Zambia.

I appeal to senior citizens such as VJ to be careful with the Post newspaper; they want their enemies to be everyone’s enemy.

It is sad that it should take us as youths to be the ones to advise old people like VJ instead of the opposite.

Let us support President Edgar Lungu who has shown us love by promoting the One Zambia One nation motto.

Enock Chulu , Lusaka.


Critics of the people-driven document censured

Allow me space in your paper to add my voice to the just assented to Zambian Constitution.

Millions of taxpayers’ money was spent on this this long process, with all stakeholders submitting the best they could.

At one time the opposition even walked out of Parliament just to demand for a people-driven paper.

But just what is contentious issues about this document? I am sure it is the dreaded 50 per cent +1, the running mate, the election date and dual citizenship clauses.

These are the areas every political party promised to give the Zambians once voted into office.

However my heart bleeds to see the same opposition parties and NGOs, the Grand Coalition especially, rising against the very document they wanted.  Is it because they did not take part in the voting? To me, passing the Constitution via National Assembly was a cost-saving measure as opposed to the referendum, but the results are still the same.

Can the opposition be humble enough and tell Zambians what they want the Constitution be like? Have they realized now that it has worked to their disadvantage?

Some may even fail to raise the required 1000 supporters per province, which is healthy as we don’t want a blotted ballot paper with names only known by the family members.

The PF Government and those MPs that rose above party interest must be commended for the job well done.

Next we meet in the booth; this will be the battle of wits that will separate men from the boys.

May the promised and chosen leader emerge victorious with a 50+1 on first count? CHAKWIYA BORNFACE , CHONGWE


Edgar the big listener

When we complained that electricity tariffs were unaffordable for most of us, he listened and reduced them. We appreciate. 

On mealie meal prices he has tried his best to make them be where they are now, otherwise it could have been worse.

Today our marketeers have access to soft loans. There is a fund that is non-partisan.

He is politically mature, humble and exhibits a degree of tolerance even to those that oppose him on everything; even when he implements their advice and they still oppose it. No wonder now he says ‘‘sela tubombeko’’.

He was of the view that in a Constitution to come, there should be a clause that anyone criticising Government should also immediately offer a solution instead of telling people that solutions will come when they are in power.

Finally my prediction is that now that Lungu is in power, he will beat HH by a wider margin than the one in January  last year when he was just a minister.

Nothing has changed with HH apart from GBM joining him.  Simfukwe

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