WESTERN governments plotting the downfall of President Edgar Lungu and the Patriotic Front should know that Zambia is a sovereign State and their meddling in the country’s politics will be considered an act of subversion, Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata has charged.

And Ms Kapata has said the planned amalgamation of the opposition political parties and civil society organiszations in the so-called ‘‘super secret pact’’ was doomed to fail because one of the opposition leaders in the pact would want to dominate the others.

Ms Kapata has warned Western governments allegedly financing regime change in Zambia that it was a breach of diplomatic etiquette for foreign countries to meddle in the country’s political affairs.

She charged that any foreign country that would be found to be sponsoring activities that were inimical to Zambia’s democracy and peaceful transition would compel Government to consider severing its diplomatic relations with such a country.

She told the Daily Nation yesterday that reports that some Western governments were plotting the downfall of President Edgar Lungu for transgressions he did not commit could easily strain the diplomatic relations Zambia was currently enjoying with these countries.

Ms Kapata said it would be irresponsible for foreign countries to start financing anarchy and chaos in Zambia in a bid to influence regime change, stating that Zambia had enjoyed peace since independence and would not allow what had happened in other countries in the region and some parts of Africa to spill over to the country.

She said Government would start closely monitoring some media mother bodies that were allegedly receiving funding from donors under the pretext of media development or promoting press freedom because there was a danger that such funding could be used to advance subversive activities in the country.

“We have been informed that some foreign countries are bringing a lot of money into the country to finance a programme code-named ‘Lungu must go’ so that there should be a change of Government after the general elections this year,” Ms Kapata said. And Ms Kapata said the planned grand coalition of opposition political parties and civil society organisations to defeat the PF in the coming general elections would not succeed because one of the opposition leaders was going to choose to domineer over other leaders.

He claimed alliances born out of convenience and without a common ideological agenda often never lasted and that it was likely that the pact that was being mooted by a senior retired politician was not going to succeed because President Lungu had given Zambians what they wanted and were ready to renew his mandate to continue governing.

Ms Kapata said Zambia had seen alliances including the one that was formed between the PF in the opposition and the UPND but could not last because one leader exhibited domineering traits.

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