GOVERNMENT’s decision to allow parents in rural areas to pay school fees in kind is a welcome move and a relief to people in Eastern Province and other areas, says Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni speaking people.

The chief said the decision for parents to pay in kind for school fees had come at the time when it was most needed adding that most parents in rural areas only raised money after harvest.

He also said although the idea of paying fees using non-monetary means was welcome, the idea had been shunned in some schools in his area as they demanded the fees to be settled by cash.

“This idea of paying in kind has been there for some time but it is good that the Government has decided to fully implement it because some schools were not for the idea as they demanded for cash which other people could  not afford,’’ Chief Madzimawe said.

He said he was happy that Government had decided to listen to the concerns of the people over high school fees.

Chief Madzimawe explained that many children had not been going to school because of the exaggerated school fees leading to high illiteracy rate.

“It is good that the Government has listened to the people’s cry over high school fees which have  made it hard for some parents to send their children to school hence increasing on the illiteracy rate,” he said.

The chief also expressed concern over issues of nutrition in the government boarding schools saying the diet in some schools was not right increasing cases of malnutrition in children. He further appealed to the government to help public schools in supplementing procurement of food.

“The food which is given to pupils in some of the boarding schools is not right and not good for their nutrition and it is because of such that cases of malnutrition keep increasing. I would like to appeal to the Government to help these schools in providing a better diet for them,” the Chief said.

He also urged school heads to provide means for school fees to be paid in installments to allow parents that could pay the full amount at once to be able to still send their children to school.

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