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UPND has no better  plans for Zambia

Dear Editor

In the Daily Nation of Friday, January 8th 2016, Mweemba Simulyampondo wrote a text message saying 2016 is time for UPND to revive our country economically for the better.

May I remind him that there has never been a time in the history of this country when the standard of living among people has been so high than under the PF government?

Look at how many people are driving vehicles and building mansions. Long queues of people in supermarkets like Shoprite and Spar are the order of the day, not to mention the numerous infrastructural development projects being undertaken by the PF government. The list is endless.

Surely what else do some people like Simulyampondo want? I have been to all provinces of Zambia including the newly created Muchinga Province and what I have noticed is that Southern Province was the third most developed province after Lusaka and Copperbelt before the PF came into power.

So I don’t see any development which UPND will bring especially that they habour hatred for people from other provinces especially those from Northern and Eastern Zambia.

The only thing on their minds is “Aswebo tuyanda kulela”, meaning “we Tongas also want to rule.”

 Francis, Mazabuka


Don’t be too sure, UPND told


Each timer I turn on radios and if there is a phone-in programme, I  hear the so-called UPND cadres boasting that they have  already won  election and HH is already a  president. Then I ask, is this how we win elections? In the Bible you find people putting themselves leaders but later they get disappointed because God did not choose them.

Daniel Mwanza, Kanyama in Lusaka




Raise minimum qualifications for leaders to degree level


It’s shameful that we still have politicians who are happy and very contented to have a grade 12 certificate in this day and age; no wonder we have low caliber leaders which is also affecting the quality of debate in Parliament and capacity for the  implementation of development projects. While the minimum qualification is a grade 12 certificate, we  should see our leaders displaying higher qualifications preferably degrees.

Anthony Kapemba


 Help families of storm victims


The demise of 6 people in Lusaka following Friday’s hail storm is unfortunate. Six people died on the spot when the wall fence at Lamasat in John Laing area collapsed on them. The hail storm also left a trail of destruction at Lusaka’s Down Town Shopping Mall. The victims met their fate on Friday afternoon. In another vein, the wall fence  collapsed on Chilenje residential area and killed one boy. In view of the above, I appeal  to the  appropriate  authority to come on board and assist with funeral expenses. May souls of the departed rest in eternal peace.

Elemiya Phiri


Don’t blame President



I just want the people of Zambia to know that even if we had a different President in power, we would have been having the same problems we are  facing like load shedding and  economic global crisis. So no one should blame President Lungu. it’s just the  set time to go in through all this, but soon everything shall be well. Thank you.

Joshua Simpungwe, Mufulira


Little parties told to stay away from general elections


Allow me space in your paper to urge all opposition political parties who suspect that the 11th August, 2016 general elections will be rigged to refrain from contesting to avoid time wasting and leave the battle to serious parties. If HH and his UPND thinks the  election will be rigged by OP then which OP does he claim to have control? Don’t lose before the whistle is blown.

 Lawrence Tembo


Oooops Daily Nation…


I like to congratulate Daily Nation for giving us current and updated news in all categories of the paper but I am a little disappointed with certain stories which end up incomplete or the same article being repeated.. like the “formula1: why 2016 could be Mercedes undoing” which the article was repeated and  the “Burundi civil war fears as president accused of  campaign of murder” which was  incomplete… both errors appeared on Thursday 7 January, 2016.

Concerned reader


 Reduction in school fees



Well done government for reducing school fees. I would like to thank President Lungu through the Ministry of Education for reducing school fees. We salute you Mr. Edgar C. Lungu. What more can we say, thank you. All the way to 2040.

Kondwani Tembo, Lusaka .


 Grade 12 qualification


If you have attained grade 12, why not just ignore false speculations about you and the other person. Press publicity can build but often times destroy. 

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