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South should vote for Lungu


How do we Zambians thank President Lungu for what he has done and continues doing. Come August 2016 let us all rise and vote including us in Southern Province.

Isaac Muntanga


 Retirees cry to President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu, we are appealing to you to help us get our pension benefits we have been waiting for since 2008. We have suffered enough. We need your help and we cannot vote on empty stomachs this year. Pay us our dues. We worked in government for 20 years. We were retrenched by the Zambian government. Ba Lungu have mercy upon us.

Mama Kapikisha Musonda


 Advice to all presidential



As we know that in August the country will be electing a new president and different manifestos from candidates who wish to become leaders of our country. I also wish to encourage them all that they must commit themselves to God first and have a set of principles that will help them to govern Zambia because God respects people with principles. That is why we see many fail to fulfill their  promises because  they have no principles to challenge God with, however I am appealing to all presidential candidates and leaders to reflect and  come up with principles and  present them before God. In this way  we will succeed and progress truly.

Cairo Charles, Lusaka


 The power of prayer


Prayer born of faith changes everything, that’s working faith.


 Rain season full of waterborne diseases


Let us take care of our children especially during this rainy season. Some contagious water borne diseases are deadly during this time; always be smart.

Concerned parent


Go Chipolopolo Go



We wish our Chipolopolo boys the best. Zambia has yet to prove that they never won 2012 AfCON by chance. George Lwandamina did his selection which is a good thing but sometimes it’s vital to hear people or fans’ views. We have been crying for Phiri Moses and  Fackson Kapumbu; it was the same man Phiri Moses who demolished Zesco as the Mtn/Faz super league concluded. Isaac Chansa and Chris call up was a very good idea.




Charcoal not solution to

ZESCO load shedding


I am worried at the rate at which charcoal levels have increased. Thinking that this is an answer to load shedding is really wrong; charcoal burning has actually disturbed the rain pattern. We can go thermal and any other means. Charcoal brings about other diseases, please let us regulate this.

Concerned Zambian


GBM’S double tongue


GBM is a double tongued selfish politician. He is quoted in the Daily Nation January 8th, 2016 that he joined politics to serve the people. May I remind him that  in October, 2012 you said you joined politics to sustain your business because the MMD government then, frustrated you when it came to your business and being paid after supplying goods to it. So bamudala ba GBM lekeni ukubepa abantu ati you joined politics to serve the people because we know why you joined politics.

E.T.M, Lusaka


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