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UPND is being slippery over the cartel

Dear Editor

Mr. Edward Mumbi is not being very ingenious in his response to the challenge by Fr. Frank Bwalya that the cartel has joined the UPND.

Demanding membership cards to prove the point does not make a very convincing argument because the cartel as a body cannot buy a membership card.

The point Fr Frank Bwalya was making is that the cartel has joined hands and adopted the strategy and campaign of the UPND in their effort to bring down the PF regime. This is far much more effective than buying a membership card.

This can be seen for the convergence of ideas including the attack on the intelligence service which was started by the UPND President Hichilema Hakainde who claimed to control the intelligence. The cartel has advanced the strategy further.

As an advisor to the party President Mr. Mumbi must know that UPND card carrying membership is very limited and yet the support at the polls, in as far as Southern Province is concerned, is almost total.

It is a mistake to equate cards to membership that is why President Sata did away with cards and decided instead to make members of those people who supported him.

The cartel will support the UPND by giving negative publicity and undermining the PF in many ways- this is already evident by the manner in which there is a convergence between the two.

Zambians are not dull, they know what is happening. If anything Mr. Mumbi may be aware that other forces are propelling in a very different direction from his own.

He will soon fiund himself outside together with the relatives and friends he is now ignoring. Ask those who have left.



ZESCO excuses and concerns to Zambians

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in our upcoming star in the print media.

I wonder so much at the propaganda machinery ZESCO is using by cheating poor Zambian who are being pushed against brick walls.

His Excellence directs that with immediate effect all domestic tariffs should be reversed,but what we see is so confusing that Zambian are being taken for granted. For how long are cartels going to stop,  for one wonders that as it is Zesco is now being used by the cartel to make PF un popular.

Please hear what people are saying over ZESCO wrongful tariffs and at the same time tune domestic meters electronically to suit their ego. I stand to complain as a common citizen of the country.

May you see deforestation in the nation and are we helping the nation in any way to reduce globe warming?

There is no substitute for power usage and we are millions of miles away from any other alternative for power since the populace cannot afford any other European power source.

I ask the Government to come to our aid from the abuse of the power utility company which excuses are very plain that we cannot continue to be cheated.Every one these days is learnt even the electronic works ZESCO employs is immediately counter acted when found wrongly.

 Abraham Nkunika,  KAFUE.


Let Lungu choose running mate

Dear Editor,

Allow me to comment on the talk doing the rounds in the Copperbelt that the Party and not President Lungu will choose a running mate for the PF in the 2016 general elections.

My greatest fear is that, if the party goes ahead with this idea, the PF may just end up in a situation similar to the one in the UPND where founding cadres have vowed not to support one of their Vice Presidents if he is picked as running mate because he lacks national character and has a poor public image. Since President lungu ascended to the top job, the man has demonstrated that he has a nation unifying character which many selfish and over ambitious “running mate” aspirants in the PF lack and will obviously choose to trivialise.

Fellow countrymen and women, let’s allow President Lungu to make not just a wise but also a landmark choice. This is one choice that has to take on board the interest of all the ten provinces of Zambia. Besides the President will have to pick a mate he will be comfortable to work with.

We know there is nothing wrong with all of us including myself an “unknown” to aspire to run with President Lungu. But let’s put personal interests aside and go for the broader picture of Zambia and above all National Unity.

Founding fathers of the PF President Sata (MHSRIP) and Dr Guy Scott will not be part of this. So the issue of “founding members” should not be allowed to be used by spoilers as weapon to harm the PF. Zambia has been on course in growing both its economy and unity under President Lungu and the PF. So there is great need for the country to hold on to the so many gains recorded during the last four years.

Mukuka Chilufya


The two

tongues of


When the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini declared the Kasama Central parliamentary seat vacant, GBM acted as if he was still a PF member of parliament claiming he did not cross the parliamentary floor to the UPND.

He challenged the Speaker’s decision in the High Court based on the crux of the matter that he was still a PF member, and the case is currently before the Supreme Court following his appeal against the High Court’s earlier ruling.

I was therefore surprised to see GBM say (in ‘I’m UPND-GBM’, Daily Nation, January 6, 2016) that he was a member of the UPND and has no intention of re-joining the PF as a prodigal son because the ruling party would be exiting power this year.

That’s when I asked myself the question:  ‘When is a comment from a politician subjudice, and when do politicians get cited for contempt of court?’

Besides, GBM should remember that no matter how dishonest, inept, incapable and incompetent the ruling party is, no politician gets into office without being voted for. When elected, their only interest is

in being re-elected. So please GBM, blame the voters who tolerate this and intend to return all these PF politicians to office.

Zambians need voters of wisdom and insight; not non-thinking people who vote for affluent businessmen masquerading as politicians who entice poor voters using cheap gifts and empty promises that they often fail to fulfil when elected into office.

Zambians deserve the governments they vote for, so GBM should blame the voters in Kasama Central for giving him a vote while he was still in PF.


Mubanga Luchembe,


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