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UPND’s vote-rigging narrative

Dear Editor,

Hyped as Kasama’s most affluent and flamboyant politician, UPND’s vice-president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) claims to enjoy a huge following at the grassroots.

His personality, he brags, both excites and elicits cultish personification. But 2016, hasn’t started very well for him due to the newly enacted Constitution.

As a consequence, the UPND vice-president has developed a tendency to either misrepresent or exaggerate fiction from fact in order to make contestable claims.

In the January 9, 2016 edition of the Daily Nation, he not only perpetuated the UPND-as-victim of vote-rigging narrative but would also have voters believe that the schemes by the PF to attempt to rig the 2016 general was a sign that the ruling party had lost the confidence of ordinary Zambians and could only resort to electoral malpractice to cling to power.

The latest is that a former PF member who had defected to the UPND had produced three voter’s cards which he acquired illegally and claimed that such matters should not go unaddressed as it could be seen that the PF had started rigging even before

Was it because the wrongdoer’s now a UPND member?

This is with the tacit understanding that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)’s main server database of registered voters has yet to be updated and verified with new records from the recently  conducted mobile voter registrations.

In fact, ECZ’s records always have been verified before a final voters’ register is produced.

Undoubtedly, in Zambia’s politics GBM leads the pack when it comes to mobilization.

But enter 2016, and it appears his undoing is increasingly linked to his failure to prove that he has a Grade 12 certificate that would qualify him to stand as the UPND presidential running-mate.

He’s promised, albeit unconvincingly to show it to the Zambians at a later stage; but let him bring it out now and it must have been certified by the Examination Council of Zambia, indicating school and year of attainment to avoid suspicions that it might have been obtained on the black market of the notoriously known Lusaka township where fake NRCs and counterfeit drivers’ licences are issued.

Mubanga Luchembe,  LUSAKA


OP rigging claim counterproductive

Dear Editor

I am very concerned by the very highly orchestrated campaign aimed at undermining the 2016 elections.

The suggestion that the Office of the President is engaging in a vote rigging exercise through an Israeli company conjures an impression of panic in the opposition and the media itself.

I am even surprised that the Director of intelligence took time to speak to the Post newspaper who were never going to give him any amount of fair hearing as the story they published showed that the intention was to legitimise what they had already intended to print rather than what he said.

The intention of drawing the op into odium is to undermine the credibility of the elections, so that any loss will be blamed on anything else than the wish of the Zambian people.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia has been running very open and transparent elections with result being announced at every polling station, where agents are present to witness the counting.

The many allegations of rigging long before the election will only serve to bring doubt and consternation in the mind of most Zambians who otherwise believe that the process is free, transparent and well managed.

The truth is that we have held some of the most credible election on this continent. All the observers that have come to Zambia point out that the system works well.

Let the people of Zambia make up their minds in peace and not pieces.

Gregory Kombe


Sarah Longwe of NGOCC please listen…

Dear Editor,

I am of the belief that since our illustrious little NGOCC changed its leadership to that of one Sarah Longwe, it has rather become a small frantic political party in veneer.

I will not understand why Sarah is today saying the new constitution is not people-driven when the MPs who represent the people passed it?

No wonder President Michael Sata (MHSRIEP) once inquired about the animal-driven constitution?

I have followed Sarah’s lines of argument on several subjects, but they have left me wondering and completely exasperated.

Since she took over office she has never said anything good about this government. I find this totally atypical.

They say if you cannot say something good about someone, then you should simply shut up. Ever heard this Sarah?

You can’t always be the one to slate others as if you do not have your own iniquities. We all have the other side. Nobody can deny this. That is more the reason why even Jesus Christ declined to be called good because the only one who is good is God, our Creator.

This attitude of holier than thou is killing this nation where a bunch of self-claimed connoisseurs keeps looking down on other Zambians as they champion their personal pocket agendas. Totally absurd!

However I wish to inform the likes of Sarah and many others that whether they agree or not, President Lungu is a hero and that the constitution is now law which all of us, Sarah included, have to follow to the letter.

Sarah, you and I must admit that things will not always work in favour no matter how hard we try. This is perhaps what the world is all about if you know what I am talking about.

Remember Sarah, the poison does more harm to the vessel in which it is kept than the intended target.

 Jay Kabemba


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