Opposition alliances vital-UPND

 There is nothing wrong for opposition political parties to form electoral alliances to remove the ruling party from power if it has failed to deliver to the Zambian People, UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma has said.

Mr Kakoma said it was important for opposition political parties to work together for the common good of Zambians by ensuring that PF was removed from government.

He said the goals of alliances were to offer people in the country a servant leadership that would unite the nation.

Mr Kakoma charged that the PF had failed to show good leadership and character in governance and economic affairs of the nation.

He was reacting to Copperbelt Forum for Democracy and Development chairman Yotam Mtayachalo who said that electoral alliances must not be formed for the purpose of merely removing the Patriotic Front from power but should be aimed at providing alternative leadership that would find solutions for the country’s falling economy.

Mtayachalo was reported to have stated that political alliances ahead of the 2016 general elections were progressive but must be built on mutual trust, respect and realistic grounds. “Although a presidential re-run-off is expensive for the nation, it is however a good clause as the winning candidate will enjoy the majority public support to govern the country well. I have also heard politicians suggesting political alliances ahead of the 2016 general elections, which is very progressive. However, electoral alliances must be built on mutual trust, respect and on realistic grounds,” Mtayachalo stated.

He said the 1,000 supporters clause which would be drawn from all the ten provinces as a requirement for the presidential nominations, despite being costly for the majority of the parties, was good as it would allow  “serious” political parties to participate.

He said some of the parties exist for economic reasons as they only resurrect during elections and disappear thereafter; adding that such political parties must be struck off from the list of political parties or should die a natural death.

Mr Mtayachalo said there was need for all political parties to work extra hard if they had to make a grade in the coming election.

He said the opposition needed to plan and strategies nicely in view of the likelihood of the presidential re-run because research showed that in most African countries which had adopted the 50 per cent plus one vote threshold, a re-run vote was inevitable.

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