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Marriage of convenience


I have surely failed to ignore to pass a comment over this marriage of convenience between UPND and the cartel. I am an ardent supporter of the UPND and its president HH. However, his desperation to form government without looking at the wider picture of the options seems to take us nowhere. How would an economist worth his salt join hands with the cartel for the purpose of going into State House, with a discredited group of people whose main objective is to  manipulate him like they have done with two previous late presidents. Indeed it’s this kind of inconsistency which makes him fail to go to State house. Viva Edgar Lungu, Viva PF.

Lastin Sikazwe, Lusaka


Well done President Lungu but…


Yes, the President is doing fine by giving out funds to the marketeers, but  my concern is, why is that funding not extended to our poor children who are studying in different colleges; please our children also need that funding.

Mrs S.C Palata- Chadiza


  Tonga unity is real


Go to any part of Southern Province and you will find it. They even boast to that they will give the Tonga party 100%. They even say you can be a very good person but if you don’t belong to the Tonga party they can’t vote for you.

Concerned Zambian


GBM wants to serve Zambians


I wonder which people he wants to serve because instead of serving the people he wants to join politics! People like Dangote are ones serving the people by refusing to join the cement cartel and reduced the price of cement from K85 to K57. Was not you who took the milling plant from Kasama to Lusaka and then go back  to Kasama and say you want to  serve the people.  How? That’s a lie. Continue with the  Tonga party  coined by themselves for themselves.

Concerned Zambian


 Can LAZ president Chisanga explain this one


This is for Mr. George Chisanga the LAZ president. Kindly shed some light how the new Constitution may not be durable? Daily Nation of January 7, 2016 . I think some of our lawyers are hopefully disappointing. This Constitution will be complete after the August 2016. Who is the mad president who will reverse the will of the  people to ask them again to start debating about the  Constitution? The contents of what the people wanted are all there in the new Constitution? What will be the debate after August elections Bushe Malilo?

Micky., Lusaka


  GBM gets Grade 12 cert challenge


Let GBM  prove that he has Grade 12 certificate which he will show us at a later stage; let him bring it now and it should indicate school, year he completed.



 Daily Nation doing a swell job


I wish to express my happiness about your balanced reporting which tells your team is a real team as far as professionalism is concerned. I wish though to challenge and remind Mweemba Siluliampondo of Lusaka about his messages which always appear in the Daily Nation. He sounds very confident about change of government. I wish to let him know that he always sound tribal in his messages and negative about government. He will never appreciate what government has done even in his stronghold Southern Province. What type of thinking is he possessed with. The devil you know is better than an angel you do not know. For your own information PF has scored a lot of successes.

Concerned citizen

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