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Opposition should not panic

DR Brian Chituwo of MMD has finally joined the bandwagon of opposition political leaders who are accusing President Lungu of employing the intelligence service to rig the 2016 polls. How?

To me this is perfect message that the opposition is in total panic. It has acknowledged for sure that it is probably fighting a losing battle going by the feats President Lungu is daily posting.

I know that this cannot be easily swallowed by those in opposition for the obvious reasons.

Please Dr Chituwo don’t worry much. There will be international observers to make sure that our elections are free and fair. And Zambia is going to hold such elections.

There is no reason at all to start panicking because the rumours of OP coming to spoil the day for the opposition should not be taken seriously without tangible proof.

I remember the words of President Robert Mugabe a few years ago when opposition leader Ndabaningi Sithole said he feared returning to his country Zimbabwe because he could be killed.

Mr Mugabe replied that Mr Sithole was free to return to Zimbabwe; he was also free to take part in the elections and above all Mr Sithole was free to lose the elections.

And for those opposition leaders who just open their mouths for the sake of it, a South African reggae musician says in one of his hit songs that ‘if you can’t say something good about another person then you should just shut up.’ There is definitely something there.

So can all those political leaders who have grown a horrid routine of insulting President Lungu and his government please stop at once. It is not only primeval but retrogressive. Insults will not take them anywhere.

I am sure that the things they say about President Lungu would hurt them if they were thrown at them one day when they are in power.

Now that elections are round the corner, I think it is imperative that politicians refocus their ways of doing politics. There are far more important issues to debate than always throwing mud at President Lungu and his government

I am not saying that they should stop offering checks and balances but it the manner this is done which is essential.

Paul Gondwe


Land corruption in councils rife

“Kitwe City Council corruption irks President”, sad story to read in your paper dated January 7, 2016.

I also want to inform Minister of Local Government Stephen Kampyongo that corruption is not only restricted to Kitwe City Council alone.

It’s in all councils. Councillors have really messed up land allocation as it has become their source of income.

Who does not know what is happening in these filthy councils when it comes to land; even a Grade 2 pupil will tell you because of  complaints from either the parents or family members who have been affected.

The task force you mentioned from Ministry of Lands, police, even from councils, is not effective, instead it is compromised.

Mr. Kampyongo must institute investigations in all councils and devise a system that can bring confidence to the public and remove this corruption.

Some councillors are stars, shining because of illegal dealings in land.

City councils are also a big problem. I challenge the Minister of Local Government to tame his cadres, councillors even some town clerks, mayors and bring sanity to poor Zambians who are in need of land.

Some council workers have acquired a lot of plots which they are reselling at exorbitant prices. Is it in order for a council police officer to offer land for sale?

Is it in order for employees to offer land for sale? Mr Kampyongo can you sweep the corruption in all councils!

Concerned poor Zambian


Now is the time for serious political debates

Now that President Lungu has assented to the new Constitution it is important to lessen the current bickering on the same.

To start discussing the document now would be a wasted undertaking because the document has now become the law of the land which should be obeyed to the letter.

It is obvious to me that those who complained against its assenting did not bother to read the document and only woke up too late to reverse the process.

Luckily, it is only the small parties which were crying blue murder obviously for clauses such as raising a total 1,000 supporters, 100 from each province, which to them is a feat.

But that is the name of the game where some lose and others turn out victors.

For now I think it will be the duty of all MPs take it upon themselves to go back to their constituencies and explain the contents of the new Constitution so that the grassroots is made aware of it.

It is not time to start attacking the Government or indeed President Lungu who did what the people of Zambia asked him to do as their committed servant.

That 50 + 1 per cent, to me, is extremely crucial and all political parties should begin to strategize in the event of a re-run.

Insults and hate speeches should be thrown into dust bins. What the people of Zambia desperately need is a promise of hope that will uplift their standards of living and not mere political rhetoric.

Zambia has a lot of challenges, especially those to do with the economy which will require the attention of every concerned citizen because in unity we can achieve a lot.

With general elections around the corner it is important that politicians  begin to re-align themselves to the expectation of citizens.

Lemekani  Sabasaba

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