PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu deserves total respect for declaring that he does not want to plunge the country in chaos and anarchy by attempting to cling to power should Zambians choose to change government and vote the Patriotic Front (PF) out of power, Edward Mumbi has said.

He said if President Lungu meant well about his desire to respect the decision of Zambians in the general elections; it would only be wise to commend the Head of State for his respect for the values of democracy and the virtues of peace.

Mr Mumbi, who is United Party for National Development (UPND) presidential advisor (special duties), said it was unfortunate that PF member of central committee Frank Bwalya was accusing the opposition of agitating for violence for fear of losing elections this year.

The UPND official said while President Lungu had exhibited decency in his leadership, some of his advisors and party lieutenants were misguided and were ill-advising the Head of State on many national issues.

Mr Mumbi said the UPND shall always respect the choice of Zambians and that the opposition political party was a decent organization that would never advocate violence so that its leader Hakainde Hichilema could be appointed vice-president.

He said President Lungu on Tuesday assented to the new and amended Constitution which had effectively reduced presidential powers such as appointing a vice-president and it was wrong for Fr Bwalya to suggest that the Head of State would be forced to appoint Mr Hichilema as his vice-president.

Mr Mumbi said Fr Bwalya was among the many Zambians that witnessed the signing of the Constitution Amendment Bill by President Lungu and should take time to keenly read the document to avoid the danger of misinforming Zambians.

“Looking at President Lungu’s recent statements in which he has said he would not be willing to spill not even a drop of blood because of State House, it is important to give him respect. If he means well, the President has no desire to plunge the country into chaos and anarchy and he deserves total respect. As the UPND, we respect Zambians across the country and we are going to respect their choice.

“But it is unfortunate that Fr Bwalya is accusing the UPND of agitating for violence so that President Lungu could appoint Mr Hichilema as his vice-president. We are a decent political party and Fr Bwalya should know that the Constitution has drasctically changed and has removed the powers for President to appoint a vice-president because of the running mate clause,” Mr Mumbi said.

Mr Mumbi said it was dangerous for President Lungu to be surrounded by people who did not understand the new political dispensation, adding that the PF could easily cause violence if it lost power because most of its leaders did not believe in what the Head of State had been preaching.

He said the UPND was ardently reading the new Constitution to comprehensively acquaint itself with the new law to avoid misinterpreting the clauses.

He said Zambians were peace-loving people and it was politically not correct for Fr Bwalya to continue causing confusion in the country.

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