MAJOR Richard Kachingwe is a failed politician who cannot even win a ward election and therefore should desist from issuing derogatory statements against President Edgar Lungu, Patriotic Front (PF) youths in Lusaka have warned.

Lusaka Province PF youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba told the Daily Nation yesterday that it was wrong for Maj. Kachingwe to insinuate that President Lungu’s popularity was faked because the party had scored tremendous successes from the time it came into power in 2011.

Mr. Kamba challenged Maj. Kachingwe to tell the country what he had done while he was in the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) government for him to start criticising President Lungu.

He noted that if the MMD government was better than the PF government, the country would have achieved its long term programmes such as enactment of a new constitution which Maj. Kachingwe and his friends allegedly had shelved while they were in Government.

He said the PF’s popularity was not artificial as Zambians had seen what government was capable of doing to improve the country through sound projects such as infrastructure development which were taking shape across the country.

“It is wrong for Maj. Kachingwe to be insulting President Lungu because whether he likes it or not, the president is working hard to improve the lives of the Zambians and that is what has earned him this popularity; it is out of hard work and a vision he possesses for a better Zambia which cannot be compared to any other president since independence.

“Instead of pointing an accusing finger of the Head of State, we challenge Maj. Kachingwe to tell us what he did while in government. These are the same people who failed to give us the constitution which we have just delivered to the people of Zambia, so, what he talking about? He is just a failed politician who cannot even win a ward election,” Mr. Kamba said.

He said that if President Lungu’s popularity was faked, he would have not signed the amended clauses of the constitution especially with the 50 percent plus 1 majority vote.

He said Maj. Kachingwe should not close his eyes to reality by failing to recognise the unprecedented developmental projects that the PF had rolled out in Zambia.

“Does Maj. Kachingwe think President Lungu would have signed the constitution if he knew that his popularity was not real when it is clear that it would have favoured the opposition?

He had signed that document because his conscious is very clear that he will win the 2016 general elections on the premise of what he has done for the country.

“It is sad that Maj. Kachingwe and his friends have failed to give credit where it is due especially that the MMD government failed to give people a new constitution during its entire reign but it has just taken the PF less than five years to achieve what they failed to do,” he said.

He warned Maj. Kachingwe not to get carried away by the coverage he was enjoying from the Post newspaper because the tabloid had resorted to using disgruntled and rejected politicians to peddle its own agenda because they were desperate for space in the media with the hope that they would revive their political fortunes.

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