Allow me to say something about Request Muntanga of UPND and I hope my request will be granted.

I am an  intransigent PF supporter  like he is  for UPND but  for him to state that President Lungu has signed his farewell from power is total rubbish especially that his party supported the President over the  new constitution. Mr Muntanga reminds of the “fantasy island” television soap some  years back and I think he could have done very well on that island because his style of politicking is extremely thin. Why is Muntanga kicking himself in the back because if he says Zambians would use the new constitution to kick out PF then what is his worry? Fear of the unknown of course.

Don’t worry Muntanga in every game there are losers and winners.

To President Lungu I am telling him to ignore all these political minions who are in total panic because they know you are hard nut to crack.

Winstone Chembe, Mandevu, Lusaka.

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