Some residents of Lusaka have expressed concern on the continued sale of gadgets at Katondo Street.

The people claim that some of the gadgets that are being sold at Katondo street are not genuine as there were of poor quality.

Paul Phiri, a resident of Woodlands, said the ‘briefcase businessmen’  along Katondo Street should be removed from there.

He said the gadgets sold around Katondo street was illegal and the government should ensure that the traders were removed from the street.

‘’These people do not conduct legal businesses and they sale fake  products. People in Katondo street do not care about getting people’s money for goods that are not of good quality , their only concern is the money they are getting,’’ Mr. Phiri said.

He also said the gadgets such as lap tops and cell phones do not last and the people that buy them  just waste their money on such products’.

But traders at Katondo Street have said stories that they sale fake gadgets were untrue and were just intended to tarnish the image of the business that they are conducting.

The traders have said they sell products according to the amount of money that the buyer offers them.

‘’We sell products according to the money one has, if you come with less money we cannot give you a gadget that is of more quality than the money you have paid us,” said one of the traders.

The traders also added that their businesses genuine and there is nothing illegal about the way it is conducted.

‘’There are very few shops in town and most of them are expensive, we cannot afford and that is why we have just decided to conduct our business on the streets,‘’ another trader said.

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