It is disappointing that a Christian nation such as Zambia has witch doctors’ advertisements stuck all over Lusaka, Independent Churches of Zambia (ICOZ) executive director Bishop David Masupa has said.

He said it was shameful for a nation declared a Christian to have more witch doctors than pastors.

Bishop Masupa said witch doctor’s powers were from unknown sources and should not be tolerated in a Christian nation such as Zambia.

“We cannot have witch doctors all over town when we call ourselves a Christian nation, we cannot allow it and it has to come to an end, Zambia is for Jesus and not for any other powers whose source we do not know.

It is unacceptable that Zambians treat witch doctors like gods with power when no one knows where they get their powers from,” Bishop Masupa said.

He said tolerating and encouraging witch doctors in Zambia will just attract curses on the land especially considering the fact that it has been dedicated to God.

Bishop Masupa reiterated that Zambians should not be rushing to get witch doctors’ services when they are in trouble but instead they should run to the church for permanent solutions.

Members of the public have also condemned witchdoctor’s advertisements in the country.

They have said that Government should look into the practise of witch doctors in Zambia.

“Zambia is a Christian nation and yet we have witch doctors as though this is a witch doctor country,’’Bishop Masupa said.

He said Zambia could not effort to have two masters, where those who followed God mixed Christianity with witch doctors.

But a witch doctor based in Lusaka’s kanyama township, Vincent Banda said it was not fair that people consider witch doctors to be evil people.

Mr. Banda said witch doctors’ main aim was to help other people in need of assistance.

“We do not do things that can attract curses on the land or hurt people, we just want to be of help to our fellow Zambians and it is not fair that they think of us as evil people,’’ he said.

Mr Banda said witch doctors also got their powers from God just like pastors who have even been to bible school.

‘’We serve the  God that every Zambian serves, he gave us the  power to help other people and we also go to church on the days of worship and we do not do anything that contradicts Zambia as a Christian nation,’’ he said.

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