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Tonga unity must be explained


I am as baffled as Chitimukulu was to understand the meaning of the UPND propaganda item which suggests that “No tribe has been this united for one purpose as the Tonga people. Zambian democracy from Kaunda to Lungu has been kept in check by our Tonga brothers, deny it or accept it.”

What did this mean?

It doe not make sense at all because no tribe can claim total political engagement. This simply suggests sectarianism and superiority complex.

Somebody within the UPND propaganda team must explain this letter which the Chitimukulu has protested about. It will not do for them to keep quite and hop[e that the situation will blow away.

Conrad Bwembya



The Chitimukulu is highly influential


The United Party for National Development (UPND) will be digging its own grave in bembaland if it demeans the Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and wrongly assumes that all chiefs are the same and are without much influence on their people. While it is a fact that some chiefs are mere symbols of  traditional authority with very little  influence, the story is very different when it comes to and the four Paramound chiefs we have in Zambia today, i.e the Chitimukulu of the  Bembas, the Kalonga Gawa Undi of the Chewas, the Litunga of the Lozis and Mpezeni for the  Ngonis. These are  powerful chiefs who have a lot of  influence on their  subjects. Remember how the whole Chipata was almost in turnoil when Mpezeni was taken to court. My advice to UPND is that please  handle the Chitimukulu with care. He is highly educated, powerful and influential monarch and not just any other chief.




Let’s expose corruption and moral decay


Informality dominates many work spheres in Zambia. Administering of rewards like promotions and the like is not merit like one’s hard work and good working culture, but due to informal relationships with heads of sections, departments or supervisors characterized by giving of  bribes. This has resulted in having  people with no capacities in high positions in institutions. It’s the law of the jungle at play where the most inept, corrupt and unprincipled folks are bribing their way up, at the  expense of straight ones. Moral decay at its perk. Exposure of such vices is needed than embracing them.

 Tande Zechariah, Lusaka


The Vice President should not do this


Wow, weshuko ulakula. Now that the Vice President is a direct heir to the throne and the main occupation of the vice president is to see to it that he or she bewitches the sitting president for the express trip to State House. 

Borniface Msiska, Kapiri Mposhi


Zambians should watch for cheap politicians


Let the people of Zambia not to be cheated by brief case political parties who are busy blaming our innocent President Edgar Lungu over Zesco load shedding. Why can’t they ask the Lozi people of Western province over the Kuomboka ceremony which has not taken place for 3 years. It’s because of low water level in Zambezi or in short are the people of Zambia not seeing that the weather  pattern is unfavourable for the country and are  blaming Lungu. Can he create rain? Let all the people of mother Zambia bow down to God and confess our sins. So that God can forgive us and the remaining 3 months or else, we will die with hunger this year. Even in South Africa it’s the same. Don’t be fooled by the Edith Nawakwi and group, they won’t solve anything because it’s a globe crisis.

E. Kasonde, Masaiti


Charging registration for grade one pupils


I am  a resident of Mutenda, a rural area in Chingola on Solwezi Road where teachers are charging K45 per child as registration and it’s too expensive  to buy uniforms which are going  at K200 and people  there don’t work.




Viva Edgar Lungu


I would like to congratulate His Excellency Edgar Lungu for giving us a constitution. I would also like to tell the Zambian people especially  the opposition to learn to appreciate.



Remember the retirees


Please remember  the retirees after signing the constitution of our country. God bless  Zambia.

Unpaid retiree

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