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UPND in abrupt panic

According to Wikipedia panic is a sudden sensation of fear which is so strong as to dominate or prevent reason and logical thinking, replacing it with overwhelming feelings of anxiety.

This is exactly what opposition UPND seems to have found itself in suddenly by inferring that OP will help PF win the polls through rigging. What boloney of the year!

Are UPND not the same people who once boasted that they control OP so why do they today fear that the intelligence organisation will rig elections in favour of PF?

Sheer hollow fear and perhaps it is easy to surmise that it is now dawning on the party that the chances of it winning the polls are almost not there. And sometimes if not all the time, the truth hurts.

Please UPND do not panic because soon and very soon you will know your position but don’t cry about rigging.

You are behaving like someone claiming to be climbing down a tree he did not mount in the first place. Funny, isn’t it!

Instead of wasting time on whims, I think it is now that all political parties to take to telling people issue-based matters instead of chasing unholy ghosts.

Paul Sinkala


UPND and cartel scared of impending loss

The Cartel and its UPND bedfellows are scared of losing the 11th August 2016 election and now fishing for excuses to the extent of dragging in reputable State Institutions.

They are hallucinating about a rigged election which is only but a figment of their own imagination.

We advise them to come to terms with reality that while they can demean and insult His Excellency President Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu, there is no competitor to win against the PF.

That competitor has not been born yet. It is therefore unfortunate and regrettable for the Cartel and UPND to drag a State Institution such as the OP in nursing their evident fears.

It is political immaturity and careless for UPND to sink this low in its desperation.

This is the same institution Mr. Hichilema carelessly boasted of “being in control” of and today he can flip-flop? We advise Mr. Hichilema to play with anything else and but not institutions that exist for all Zambians even when he is fishing for excuses after losing the election.

We can assure the UPND and its bedfellows in the Cartel that President Lungu’s mandate was derived from the people and shall be renewed by the same people. If his hired international campaign consultants are honest enough, they should frankly tell Mr. Hichilema that he is losing, yet again.

They should also find a cure to their client’s hallucinations and the earlier they do this, the better. It was just a fortnight ago that Mr. Hichilema was hallucinating about President Lungu bringing witchdoctors from Malawi to help him win the 2016 election and it appears he has had a recurrence. Hallucinating about witchdoctors was a clear case of “if the only tool you have is a hammer, everything else looks like a nail”.

Reasonable Zambians wondered which election Mr. Hichilema had monitored where witchdoctors hypnotized the entire populace to determine a desired outcome. We can also recommend prayer to his campaign consultants seeing that their client is in the habit of shunning national prayers.

President Lungu is not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power to salvation and this he has declared openly because he walks in the light.

Mr. Hichilema’s desperation has once again taken him to bed with the infamous cartel in the hope that they will help him win the 2016 elections.

While Mr. Hichilema thinks that he can use the cartel, he is in fact the horse they will use in their endeavour to sow seeds of discord and hatred in the nation. We therefore wish their bitter wish-list luck.

President Lungu has managed to finish late President Michael Sata’s term of office with dedication of heart and no one can falter him on that score.

Zambians saw their President ascending to a historical constitution amendment bill and commended him for keeping the promise as a faithful servant of the people.

There is no alternative to PF in the August 11th 2016 election because we have walked the talk and acted in national interest. PF has taken development to all parts of the country and its wishful thinking to imagine that Zambians will be blinded by UPND’s wish-list. There are roads, schools, hospitals, bridges all over Zambia and this is a fulfilled promise by PF.

Sunday Chanda, Vice

Chairperson, PF Media and Publicity Committee


Drought threatening Zambia

The drought situation which appears to be affecting several countries in Africa and elsewhere is a serious development.

And if rains completely fail, Zambians must brace for harder times in 2016 and over because indications are that the drought has  indeed come to stay.

Farmers in many parts of Zambia especially in Lusaka, Eastern and Central Provinces will not plant this year because time to do so is long gone.

I have a feeling that there will be obviously serious food shortages in Zambia never seen before. In fact these projections are for the entire African continent.

Having said that I wish to warn those who are in the habit of blaming government even over issues it has absolutely no control whatsoever.

Like now it will certainly be foolish for anyone to blame the PF government over the non-arrival of rains.

Let there be unity of purpose in the country because the drought in South Africa and Zimbabwe to mention our neighbours has already started to take its toll.

So it is obvious that the effects of the drought will be felt by every Zambian and it is this time that we need to remain united by not practising politics of hate and insults.

Better still it is better that the country turns to God earnestly to seek his indulgence in our situation because with Him nothing is impossible.

There is obviously a possibility that load shedding might be with us longer than we had anticipated and ZESCO should start now to explain things that might still come due to this prolonged drought.

It is not a joke. This lack of rain is a serious matter with devastating consequences. But together we can do it.

I also think that it is time for the church to come out from its slumber and lead the nation into serious prayers for our beloved country instead of wasting  time in politics as the case has been .

Reuben Msipu

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