Fabricating stories

Unlike other media houses we are not given to fabricating stories.

We make every effort to investigate and authenticate stories before we publish them to ensure they meet basic standards of professionalism namely balance, credibility and above all adherence to the law.

That is why we find it astounding that a legal firm that should be conversant with the law would want to engage a third party over a matter that is actively before the court.

The threat by Musa Mwenye to sue us for defamation, on account of a story that we published from a court document would have been laughable if it was not such a wanton display of frightening recklessness and professional incompetence.

Our story was based on documentation tendered by former President Rupiah Banda who has submitted an affidavit specifying his reasons for objecting to Musa Mwenye representing Dr. Ludwig Sondashi on a matter that was subject to a previous consent order.

If Musa Mwenye as a company or as an individual had any difficulty with the document, we would have expected them to file an affidavit in opposition instead of defending the matter outside the court by attacking us. This is a blatant case of defamation, abuse of court process and at worst contempt of court.

The first lesson any journalism student learns is not to comment on matters that are before courts of law, we believe that lawyers must have even higher standards.

It is our intention to pursue this matter to its logical conclusion as we have the privilege and legal right to report about matters that are before the court, however unpleasant and unfriendly to the cartel or any other group of people.

We are therefore giving notice that unless Musa Mwenye tenders a public apology and offers recompense we intend to seek a legal remedy to the infamy to which we have been exposed for performing our duties as a media house with diligence.

The law is very clear about issues of defamation.  The truth presents an absolute defence and indeed reports on court proceeding are privileged.

We have reproduced the statements that former President Rupiah Banda has presented before the court of law objecting to Musa Mwenye representing Dr. Ludwig Sondashi in a matter that was concluded by the Attorney General’s office.

He also intends to call Mr. Mwenye as a witness during the judicial hearing process because he was privy to the proceedings.

Unless we hear from Musa Mwenye in the next 24 hours and from all those who sought to seek cheap publicity against us, we shall have no alternative but seek redress, for defamation and  contempt of court for commenting on matters that are still before courts of law.

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