Cheating Airtel agents in Marapodi raise order prices

UNSCRUPULOUS Airtel Zambia sales agents in Lusaka’s Marapodi compound have increased order price for airtime from the initial K47 to K48 per 10 units of K5 recharge cards.

According to an airtime dealer, Dorcas Mtonga,  some sales agents in Mandevu constituency charged her K48 for 10 units of K5 scratch cards early this week from the initial K47 she used to buy them at.

But Airtel head of corporate communication and Government relations Yuyo Kambikambi said Airtel Zambia was not aware of the adjustment.

Responding to a press query, Ms Kambikambi said Airtel had not increased the prices and the retailers were still buying for instance K5 at K4.75 and not K4.8.

“Airtel Zambia is not aware of the adjustment issue mentioned and you would help us if you could tell us which areas (if at all) where this is happening.

“We can carry out investigations because we have not increased the prices and the retailers are still buying for instance K5 is K4.75 and not K4.8,” she said.

Ms Mtonga said when she asked why the agent had charged her an extra K1, she was told that Airtel had also increased the order price.

“I was surprised that I was charged an extra amount for the same units of Airtel airtime and when I asked why I was charged an extra amount, I was told that Airtel had also increased the airtime,’’ she said.

She however said when she went to buy the same units of airtime in Lusaka’s Emmasdale area she was charged the old amount of K47.

Ms Mtonga said it was unfortunate that some people had become unscrupulous to the extent of increasing airtime prices when in fact Airtel had not adjusted the prices upwards.

A survey conducted by the Daily Nation revealed that some agents in Lusaka had without reason increased the order price by nearly K2.

Another airtime dealer in Lusaka’s Kuomboka area was found selling airtime at K49.

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