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I wish to fully support the author of a recent letter in your newspaper on the sudden birth of the Media Liaison Committee.

This committee is suspect because no formal invitations were sent out to journalists wishing to serve on the committee. It was just a baby born with teeth and almost immediately started issuing suit threats to government media houses even before it was firmly on the ground.

I can guess who the people behind this ‘fake’ committee are.

Sorry Mr Enock Ngoma and Patson Phiri you have done a lousy job on this one, and you know it.

To me it looks like you are doing a paid job for the people you know very well because of the suspicious manner you launched your committee.

You just went bang with litigation threats even before giving your perceived “enemies” chance to defend themselves. That should not have been the case.

For me, your committee is a pure work of those who have an axe to grind with the Government and all clever Zambians have looked through your committee and it does not make any sense.

You cannot deny you have masters you are serving, if not please call for an extraordinary meeting at which your fellow journalists will ask you intelligent questions about the opportune formation and launch of your committee.

Right from the beginning, it stinks like the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA).

Mr Ngoma and Mr Phiri are seasoned scribes who should know better. They can’t have the cake and eat it.

Your committee lacks national captivation because it is bogus. You will not fool us; just tell us who is paying you.

Joseph Kamwendo


Eric Chanda full of deceptions

This is for Eric Chanda 4th Revolution Party leader who thinks PF is in a comma.

He should not think that PF will humbly hand over government. There will be a big prize fight.

And who knows, President Lungu and Mvunga may just continue dancing into 2016 elections victory.  There is a possibility. But let it be known that for now nobody knows who is going to carry the day or indeed dance pelete (parade march), even you Chanda, you know this.  So for you to state that Lungu and Mvunga will dance pelete when PF loses is not only cut-rate supposition but also well below political grandiloquence.

Where I come from in Eastern Province we have a saying; “Wakufa sadziwika” meaning in a fight or race, nobody knows the winner or loser.

So Mr Chanda don’t become animated over the unknown. Wait until the final count of the vote is over.

What I can tell you ba Chanda is that this year’s elections are not for minions like you. They are the sole preserve for giants with names, like PF, UPND, MMD, UNIP and FDD.

The rest, in my opinion, are just aficionadas and miserably unimportant.

Amon Sakala,



Dangote most welcome

into mealie meal, flour production

Let me say something about the intentions of Dangote going into mealie meal production.

The news is most welcome in 2016. It will certainly put to shame those greedy businessmen who are always in fat profit moods.

Zambia is a major producer of maize so why should mealie meal be that expensive? Even when FRA has sold cheaper maize to our millers, nothing has changed.

Remember before Dangote Cement came on the scene the price of the product was out of reach of most Zambians because of monopoly.

But when Dangote entered the market the price has since gone down to about K45 for a 50kg bag in some cases compared to K90 previously on the market. Obviously someone was taking Zambians for high jump.

We have in Zambia some politicians who are crying day and night that they have the money which unfortunately they always keep under the pillow.

I therefore want to challenge people like GBM and HH to do like Dangote so they can be seen to be helping in the eradication of poverty in the nation.

They should come out and fully show what they are made of in terms of their financial muscle. They say action speaks louder than words.

Menyani Mukulumpe,


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