ZESCO customers have lamented the recently increased tariffs which have adversely affected their livelihood as the cost is too high for their daily activities.

A survey conducted by the Daily Nation newspaper showed that Zesco customers were unable to properly plan for their monthly usage as they did not understand how many units would sustain them on a monthly basis.

Some customers said before the tariffs were increased, they only spend about K600 per month while they were now spending more than a K1000.

They did not understand how electricity units were valuing at because they were out most  of the day and  did not leave behind dependants.They only went back home after working hours.

“It is too much, I was given 27 units for K50 and I am still in shock right now because they had already deducted their TV levy,” complained one customer.

Another customer spoken to complained that he bought 12 units for a K200 which only lasted for few hours.

“I have no kind words for ZESCO, I am offended and hurt. I bought for K150 and was given 81 units. I laughed and thought maybe a bank charge has been deducted because I was using a Standard Chartered Bank account,

“Two days later, I bought for K100 and received 54 units, later bought for K150 and I was given 84 units, electricity is a basic need,” said another customer.

They explained that they always made sure that electric devices such as pressing irons and geysers were switched off.

ERB  recently increased electricity tariffs by up to 200 percent to make them cost reflective in the wake of severe power deficit that has hit the country.

ERB has adjusted the structure of electricity tariffs for residential consumers to 300 kilowatts from 100, an all-time high increase in as many years with the hope of attracting investment in the energy sector.

With the tariff increase, residential consumers would now have to pay K1.13 from K0.37 per kilowatt, representing an increase of more than 200 percent in tariff charges while commercial consumers would have to pay K154.47 from K55.09.

Social services such as schools, hospitals, orphanages, churches, water pumping and street-lighting would have to adjust their tariff payment to K139.41 from K47.91.

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  1. Nobya says:

    The government should also consider to reduce bank interest rate


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