It is not honest for Tonga Politicians to claim innocence of tribal politics. They have managed to turn the UPND into a tribal party that is now seeking to take over power.

They have managed to indoctrinate the populace into an isolationist larger mentality that has put tribe above nation.

This is scaring many citizens as Chief Chitimukulu has pointed out in his statement.

Until recently under MMD all citizens, or the majority of them belonged to a party that respected all tribes and the Tonga voted along with other citizens for political ideal rather than tribe.

This point was also made by UPND Mazabuka MP Garry Nkombo in Parliament when he stated quite categorically that the Southern Province was determined to take over power in the 2016 elections.

If there is one   thing that is certain for the 2016 elections,  it is the fact that Southern Province will give UPND a solid vote, while all the other parties including the UPND will pick up seats in the remaining 9 provinces.

This is a recipe for antagonism, and nobody should be left in any doubt that a regional party winning national elections will result in disquiet.

Both UNIP and MMD had managed to create political entities that transcended tribe to embrace national values, but for some reason UPND has become synonymous with tribal affiliation as represented in Parliament and the result of Presidential elections.

This anomaly should not be underestimated as it has the danger of antagonising and ultimately destabilising our carefully balanced political equation.

Chief Chitimukulu has a point; the Tonga are not superior, so superior that they resist other political persuasions supposedly because they are more enlightened and therefore hold answers to our national problems.

The token Bemba looking for power and perhaps revenge for their former parties will not change the situation. The malaise is a bloat that must be expunged in national interest.

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