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MMD started road construction programme not PF


It’s immoral for PF to claim political mileage on road construction started by MMD. Prior to 2011 elections, MMD promised infrastructure development which PF condemned saying people don’t eat roads. PF promised in 90 days they would: (1) Lower taxes (2). Put more money in people’s pockets (3) more jobs for youths (4) resolve the Barotseland agreement. PF abandoned their promises and adopted MMD’s road construction programme. They have scored zero in their promises.

Concerned  citizens, Lusaka.


 If President Obama can dance so can President Lungu


King Fred and your disciples, what have you got to say seeing President Obama dancing? Daily Nation Friday 1st January, 2016). For me your group is of anti-social freaks who have nothing to do. Happy New Year Daily Nation.

Abraham Nkunika


Those sacked Kansanshi Mine workers


I wish to comment on the firing of miners at Kansanshi mine.

I am very shocked to learn that 23 miners from the  aforementioned mine  were sacked on ground that they participated in  an illegal strike. How is the government reacting to this? Where are we heading?


Well done Daily Nation


I write to thank Daily Nation newspapers for publishing a number of my complaint letters published about administration of recent tariffs of which every client is aggrieved.


ZNS disappoints Chunga residents


The Chunga bridge being constructed by ZNS near Hill side school is taking  ages. It is only 10 metres in length and taken close to 2 months without completion. I see ZNS constructors at the site using just one wheelbarrow while others are just chatting. This is a deliberate act of accumulating missing lunch allowances and at the same time could pass as an act of incompetence. This is unacceptable behavior which is inconveniencing motorists intending to use that route as well as Chunga residents. This snail’s pace is frustrating to many as being echoed by many Chunga residents.

Concerned Chunga resident, Lusaka



VJ right on media houses promoting hate speeches


Dr. Mwaanga, I heard you on Radio Phoenix. You are disappointed with some media houses which are promoting hate speeches. I was of the opinion that  you would have been specific by naming the Post. For many years now even during the time MMD was in government the Post  was known for being on the  crusade of peddling hate  speeches.

Micky, Lusaka


     Casualization not new in 



Casualization is not a new topic. Even before the late president Mr. Michael Chilufya was still alive, it was there but it is the labour ministry which is not performing. Some companies are not paying good salaries but nothing is being done about it.

Concerned Zambian


 Nkurunziza should be stopped


What is happening in Burundi is sickening to say the least! NKurunziza is creating dictatorships instead of democratizing his country. When Nyerere of Tanzania and Mandela of RSA opted to retire from leadership, they were very popular indeed but the rule of the game was that they should leave. There were no referenda to dupe citizens.  Each of these statesmen explained why it was necessary to retire. The people accepted and Tanzania/RSA are today thriving democracies! NKurunziza is fooling his country and Africa at large! He must be stopped. Dictators know and understand force! He must be bombed by free Africa Coalition Force sooner rather than later. He has flouted his democratic systems!

Alfred A.K  Ndhlovu, Former D/Minister


Where is Chipata Central MP Mtolo Phiri?


Allow me space in your paper. I want to find out if Mr. Mtolo Phiri (the member of parliament for Chipata central is alive or dead. I was saddened when I visited my village, Simon Magwero which is in Dilika ward. The small clinic is still the same with no mortuary, no X-ray  facility and no tower for network.

 Thomson Phiri.

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