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Blind Patrick Mucheleka

I wish to tell one, Patrick Mucheleka that I have seen the benefits of paying taxes and I truly appreciate him saying in the Post newspaper (the obvious choice) that he has not seen any benefits.

First all, I have an inkling why he thinks paying taxes is a sheer waste of time because he wants to play politics of mollification.

But let me tell Mucheleka today that payment of taxes is a legal obligation whether you see or don’t see their benefits.

You are right to question the benefits from taxes which is totally another subject. But payment is another, so don’t confuse the two.

So those owing government money in unpaid taxes have no choice but pay or risk going to prison. It is as simple as that. You may delay the action but it still comes to pass.

Ba Mucheleka I have seen serious roads development in this country.

I have seen a number of projects such the construction of 650 health centres and many others. Part of taxes have also being directed to the Youth Development Fund to give jobs to  the unemployed youths, not talk about the Citizenship Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) whose functions I am sure you are familiar with.

So to state that Zambians have not seen the benefits of paying taxes is not only a low-down lie but a canard of the worst kind.

I am aware Bwana Mucheleka that the people giving you this easy publicity owe government millions of Kwacha which they  will be paying sooner or later.

You are former MP who probably was running a CDF and where do you the money came from?

I think that it is important for leaders to tell the truth instead of lying for political expedience.

Aston  Chewe,LUSAKA


Wynter Kabimba’s vitriol

Absolute observations by the UPND (‘Kabimba promoted tyranny – UPND’,Daily Nation, January 2, 2016). These have been my own convictions and laments about the Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba.

I have the feeling that Kabimba wouldn’t be able to pull the country together and move it forward because of the deep resentment towards him from a huge segment of the Zambian society.

I strongly believe that neither Kabimba nor his party’s socialist dogma can pull this citadel of Southern Africa out of its current economic quagmire. Zambians need a leader who loves the country and her people; not desperate politicians that can go to any length to get what they want.

However,  President Edgar Lungu must know that the longer he’s seen to be tolerating Kabimba’s blame games, the more he’s seen to be a vacillating president. But who can blame him?  He might just think it is prudent to keep to the long grass until the next elections campaign.  Even though the lesson of late president Michael Sata will be too fresh in his mind to forget why Kabimba got fired shortly before the late president’s death.

But the PF must know that Kabimba’s vitriol, his position on the constitution-making process as PF Justice Minister and his crude, petty character assassinations might damage both the internal and external image of the PF, the government and Zambia as a whole.

The fact that Zambia, as was shown with weak local currency recently, had lost direct foreign investment is a harbinger of worse to come if Kabimba’s invective is taken seriously by global investors.

I fear for Zambia. I pray and hope I’m proven wrong.

Concerned Citizen

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