A Local Court in Lusaka heard how a man developed a bad habit of making love to female relatives of his wife who the couple was keeping.

The court also heard that at one time the man was caught red handed by the wife fondling her young sister in the sitting room at night and when she demanded to know what was going on, he told her he went there to reduce volume on the Television set.

This was heard in Kanyama Local Court in a case in which Rhoda Shingoma, 30, of Makeni sued her husband Roderick Munkombwe, 38, of Lilanda compound for divorce.

The two got married in 2002 and have two children.

Shingoma told Senior Court Magistrate Sarah Nyendwa sitting with Magistrates Ackim Phiri and Daniel Phiri that Munkombwe has a habit of making love to her relatives.

She explained that apart from that Munkombwe was also flirting with their maid, to which he confessed when the matter was brought before the church.

Shingoma further stated that one night she woke to pray and discovered that her husband was not in bed and later she found him in the sitting room fondling her young sister.

When she asked him what he was doing, he told her that he came to the sitting room to reduce volume on the Television set.

“It is for that reason I left the matrimonial home on October 13, 2014,” said Shingoma.

In defence, Munkombwe said that Shingoma cheated him that she had one child when they were marrying when in fact she had two.

Munkombwe explained that his wife liked going to her parents and sometimes she stayed sway for over three months. He also said that Shingoma had a bad habit of coming home late.

Munkombwe further pointed out that on Christmas Day Shingoma was brought home in a private car and said that the man who transported her was a boyfriend of her young sister (Sharon).

“When I found a love message on Shingoma’s phone she said that it was for Sharon. She likes putting on trousers and coming home drunk. I suspect she flirts with a man I have come to know as Derrick,

“This Derrick frequents my neighbor who is a bachelor and at one time we fought with Derrick when I found Shingoma in his car. That was how she left home on October 13, 2014,” said Munkombwe.

In submission, Shingoma said that she wanted to divorce Munkombwe because she was tired of his behavior.

Munkombwe said that he did not want to divorce his wife because children would suffer.

Magistrate Nyendwa said that Shingoma was not staying well because when she brought female relatives Munkombwe proposed and made love to them.

She said that Shingoma also had a habit of going to her parents to stay for longer periods and that they had been on separation for two years.

She granted the couple divorce ordering Munkombwe to compensate Shingoma with K4000 with initial payment of K1000 followed by monthly installments of K300 and to be paying children maintenance fee of K300 per month. Property acquired together to be shared equally.

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