ANDREW Banda is a rejected political novice who thinks he can add value to Zambian politics by denouncing the Patriotic Front (PF) government, PF youths in Lusaka have charged.

Lusaka PF Youth chairman Kennedy Kamba told the Sunday Nation that Mr. Banda should concentrate on the corruption charges he was facing rather than entangling himself in political matters as he was nowhere near political heavyweights in Zambia.

Mr. Kamba said it was shocking that a person of Mr. Banda’s calibre could be providing checks and balances to government when he had a history disrespecting his own family and relatives.

He advised Mr. Banda never to get excited by the space he was currently enjoying in some sections of the media because they were the same institutions that demonised him not long ago over his corruption cases.

Mr Kamba said if Mr. Banda had a moral conscious, he would have realised by now that the media institutions using him never had an agenda for him but was merely using him as a conduit to achieve its ambitions.

“Who is Mr. Banda to play the Messiah to the people of Zambia when we all know that he is still battling with corruption charges over his alleged receipt of money? He must be the last person to talk against government because he has nothing to offer as a politician,” he said.

Mr Kamba said only a blind person could say that the PF government had not done anything as evidence was clear for everyone to see the development projects which are being concluded across the country.

“Can’t Mr. Banda see the development projects that are either concluded or initiated by the PF government all over the country? The PF has an agenda and our agenda is to roll out development to all parts of the country and that is exactly what we are doing.

“Is it true that Mr. Banda has not seen the new road network being worked on even in Lusaka where he is? Let him just keep quiet if he has nothing to say and concentrate on his corruption charges,” he said.

Yesterday, Mr. Banda was quoted as saying that 2016 was a year of redemption for the Zambian people and that there was need for potential voters who had not yet registered to hurry because the count down to the PF’s judgement day had started.

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