A 22-year-old woman has sued her husband in the Lusaka local court for divorce after he reconciled with his former girlfriend whom he has since married.

This was in a case in which Chipo Majabula, 22, of Lusaka West sued Davis Manga, 21, of Kafue for divorce.

The two got married on August 8, 2015 and have no children but Majabula was expecting.

Majabula told Senior Court Magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with Magistrate Sarah Nyendwa and Daniel Phiri at Kanyama Local Court that barely two weeks after they married Manga’s ex-girlfriend started phoning him.

She explained that in September when she got sick Manga did not take care of her and instead it was her relatives who looked after her.

Majabula said that when they sat to resolve the matter Manga told her that it was his relatives who wanted him to marry his ex-girlfriend.

Majabula further stated that she left matrimonial home on October 7, 2015 because Manga assaulted her and she produced a medical report in court to support her claim.

“Since I left, Manga hasn’t been calling me, knowing that I am pregnant and has blacklisted my number. We have been on separation for two months,” said Majabula.

In cross-examination, Majabula said that they were differing because of Manga’s ex-girlfriend.

Asked by the court if she can forgive Manga, Majabula said that she could forgive him if he promised to change.

In defence, Manga said that before he married Majabula he told her that he had a girlfriend who was pregnant.

Manga further said his wife was talkative and did not have respect for him, adding that she always boasted that she was extremely comfortable at her parents’ home.

In submission, Majabula said that she wanted to divorce Manga who was also for the same idea.

Magistrate Ackim Phiri said that Manga had failed to persevere because women normally talked a lot during their first pregnancy.

He said that it was a fact that Manga took his ex-girlfriend home after dumping Majabula.

He granted the couple divorce ordering Manga to compensate Majabula withK2000 by monthly installments of K500 and to buy clothes for the baby since Majabula was expecting.

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