IT is not true that I directed my subjects to support Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba in the 2016 general elections as reported by some sections of the media, says Chief Mutondo of the Nkoya people.

Chief Mutondo cautioned policians visiting his chiefdoms not to drag traditional leaders into politics because they (chiefs) welcomed everyone regardless of their political affliatiaon.

He said as much as his chiefdom supported the Government of the day, that did not give guarantee to all the politicians to take  advantage of them.

“At no time did I tell my people here that they should support the Rainbow Party for me to be senior chief, it is sad that politicians want to politicise everything and propagate things that could not be achieved,” he said.

Chief Mutondo was speaking to the Sunday Nation in a telephone interview though his Ngambela Mwanashiheni, Derrick Moyo.

“Politicians visiting the palace should not expect us tell them whether they are supported by the chief, because we welcome everyone who pays a courtesy call, and to say that we are supporting Mr Kabimba is not true and this should be avoided at any cost,” he said. Chief Mutondo said his establishment was peaceful and preached unity, and that there was no way they could side with any political party when they were obliged to support the Government of the day.

He called for peace and unity, adding trying to drag traditional leaders into active politics was retrogressive to development.

The traditional leader said the policy of the royal establishment was to support the Government of the day in a bid to foster national development.

Chief Mwene Mutondo is alleged to have directed his subjects to support Mr  Kabimba in 2016 general elections so that if the party won he could be crowned senior chief. The chief said such a statement should be retracted because it did not represent the Nkoyas but sabotaged the chiefdoms because of political propaganda.

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