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Can the registrar

of societies

please tame

 illegal PAZA? 

Dear Editor

Much as it is not right to allow violence to be the order of the day in our nation because it is against the law, it is the same with the Press Association of Zambia (PAZA) which has been operating illegally for more than 14 years now. PAZA has broken the law with impunity.

The institution cannot be speaking for journalists today because its mandate to do so ceased 14 years ago. It is an offence under the Registrar’s Act for an organisation which fails to send returns to be operational.

I have learnt that PAZA was deregistered many years ago and its files are currently in the archives. So why has it been allowed to operate?


Mwelwa Mwaba

TEVETA delay very sad


It is very sad to see how TEVETA has been delaying our certificates. I don’t know if they will find jobs for us or not because it has been nine months since we cleared the Technologist Nortec 2014 exit.

Concerned citizen


Zesco tuning meters


I am concerned that the electricity utility Zesco has also started exploiting citizens. In a lot of domestic houses, Zesco has electronically tuned the speed of meters to suit their fake charges. I humbly ask the Government to intervene in this mess.

Abraham Nkunika, Kafue


Mpombo ungrateful


Mr. Mpombo you never say thank you for any good done to you. You must realize that if it was not for PF government to show leniency on you, you would have gone the full term in prison. But knowing you as I do, I knew that one day you will spit unpalatables against those who saved you from wearing the  orange prison uniform.

Micky, Lusaka


Constitution not priority


Zambia is not in a Constitution crisis but economic crisis. Our energies should focus on reducing the high cost of living. The Sondashi formula and tarring of Katunda-Lukulu road etc are priority, not this fake thing called Constitution. Let us take General Miyanda’s advice seriously. He is one of the few who stands for the truth; not these dollar-worshipping NGOs.





Stop targeting individuals


The issue of targeting individuals has made this country very poor. During the National  Constitution Conference, Request Muntanga, Kalomo MP, featured on ZNBC  saying ‘‘Lewanika used to grab land from people that  is why we have given power over  land to the President’’. Today Lewanika is not there but all the chiefs are crying – all  because the target was Lewanika. Even this Bill, the President has to make a “hard and painful decision” either to side with the majority poor people who are not Grade 12 or to side with  the few Grade 12s. My advice to him is to call for a national Indaba so that people say what they want and not what his enemies did in Parliament.

 Wamundila Libuku, Mongu


 Need for PF to work hard


The call for a vigorous campaign for  President Edgar Lungu to win the 2016 elections by PF chairperson for elections, Jean Kapata, should be taken seriously. The 2016 elections will be held under the  50 percent + 1 vote threshold, meaning the winning president should garner more than 50 per cent of the votes. Hon  Kapata said that the Patriotic Front should go flat out campaigning, starting from the grassroots because the 2016 elections will be tough in that they will be held under the new Constitution. She also said that all PF members should not relax but work hard.

Elemiya Phiri.


 Mumbi rabble-rouser


Mumbi Phiri is not fit to be a leader because she is always fueling hatred among politicians. Why can’t she emulate Vice President Inonge Wina?

 S. Chirwa, Chadiza



Vote for Zambia


The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all as we shall be going for elections in the next  eight months. Our first thought should not be ourselves but the future of the many Zambians and of our country  as a whole. It’s time we vote for leaders that shall have a  vision for our country. So far the  UPND has shown us the way. They are truly willing to change the lives of many Zambians for the better.

 Mweemba  Simuliampondo, Lusaka 

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