Nawakwi should report looting officials to ACC

Dear Editor

The story in the Post quoting Edith Nawakwi, the FDD leader, alleging that some PF leaders are looting the country is serious and worth commenting on.

In the first place I would like to think that as a Zambian she is committing a punishable offence by concealing information regarding this looting.

If it is true then she must quickly rush to the ACC or the police and give the names of President Lungu’s advisors who she alleges are busy looting.  But if she is merely politicking then equally the investigative wings of the Government should quiz her and if she is lying, she must be taken to court and pay for her sins.

At this time of the year it is much easier for politicians, especially those in opposition, to get excited and begin to say things which may not be true.

For Nawakwi it is now more than clear that she dislikes the PF government and President Lungu in particular because from the day he entered State House she has never said anything good about him apart from insults almost on daily basis.

She may have her reason for this hatred, but what she said in the Post yesterday is a serious matter and there is every need to get to the bottom of those allegations.

Again as we approach the elections it is always good for politicians to move away from their emotions and start discussing real issues.

The Easterners have a saying  “ Wafuka sadziwika” meaning  in a fight it is not easy to predict the winner or the loser.

It would appear that some political parties are more than sure there will be a change of government and have resorted to insulting the current government. This is all wrong.

What happens if PF retains government? This is also possible. So like in football, the winner is only decided after the final whistle is blown by the referee.


Moses Kabila, Lusaka

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