Hats off to Chitimukulu the intellectual

I am very proud of Chief Chitimukulu who has exhibited intellectual courage and forthrightness to broach the issue of Tonga antagonism in Zambian politics.

The Tonga believe that they have total ownership of the material, intellectual and sovereign property of the country.

This has been the elephant in the room which nobody has tackled for fear of being politically incorrect. Not even President Lungu could master the political will to condemn the highly tribal meeting held after the alleged insults by PF secretary Davies Chama.

That meeting was highly tribal and a mark of the highest form of arrogance by a people who considered themselves beyond the fray of national politics.

Chama did not say anything outrageous against the Tonga people as a whole and yet the reaction was not only instantaneous but attracted intellectuals, businessmen and a host of other people who have never shown overt interest in politics.

The Tonga intelligencia felt insulted because one of their own was demeaned. This is the point Chitimukulu has made in his statement. Other tribes have made the distinction between politics, tribe and civic duty and in this regard have no problem changing parties and affiliating with any progressive group.

Unfortunately this is not the case in n Province where politicians have made sure that Tonga has become synonymous with UPND. This can be proved by the block voting that takes place in almost every election undertaken after MMD.

A feeling has been inculcated Zambia owes the Tonga an opportunity to rule the country, appoint made by Honourable Munkombwe.

There is no doubt that if HH were to win elections he would do so with the block vote from the South where he would also carry all the MPs. The problem will be in Parliament where he is guaranteed a minority status. This will mark the start of serious divisions in the country as the majority will feel dominated.

We are one country and are all equal regardless of origin and indeed no tribe is superior.

Oswald Kwenda

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