Canicius Banda a liar, says PF

Canisius Banda is a liar and he should resign on moral grounds because Zambians do want to be led by a party that is not truthful, says Patriotic Front (PF) Southern Province chairman Moses Ngosa.

Mr Ngosa said it was embarrassing for United Party for National Development (UPND) member Sylvester Simayaba to confirm that his party had harassed the PF Mazabuka Central district chairlady Joyce Kangwa when the party vice president, Dr Banda, denied it.

‘’ If I was Canisius I would have resigned on moral grounds because it is very embarrassing for someone within the party to accept that the UPND had harassed our official after he had denied knowing anything,’’ he said.

He said it was time that Zambians saw that the UPND meant no good and that putting them in power would be a mistake.

The chairman said the opposition party had no respect for women as it was the first time they harassed a woman.

He also refuted claims by the UPND saying the victim Ms Kangwa was suspended from the PF and was no longer a member of the party.

He said the woman had a right to be respected whether she was PF or not and the opposition party was just looking for excuses for their violent behaviour.

‘‘The UPND are lying to say Ms Kangwa is not a member of the PF because she was suspended.  We did not suspend her and even if she was, does it give them the right to assault her? They are simply just looking for a way out, they do not respect women and not just women but all Zambians,’’ he said. He explained that there was no way the UPND could justify their violence by saying the woman aggravated the situation when she raised her party symbol against a convoy of UPND people.

Mr Ngosa explained that there were many people who raised the UPND symbol when PF secretary general Davies Chama was in Southern Province but his party did not react in any way.

He added that the UPND was a party ‘‘full of dictatorship’’ and Zambians were not looking for such a party to govern the country as they wanted to maintain peace.

‘’ There is no way for the UPND to claim our official aggravated the situation by raising the PF symbol against them. Our SG Mr Davies Chama was in Southern Province; UPND people raised their symbol against him but we did not react. Why should they use that as an excuse? They think we were not aggravated,’’ he said.

He said it was shameful for the UPND vice president to call him and the PF people liars for claiming their official was stripped naked only for their member to disclose the truth.

He thanked Mr Simayaba for sticking to the truth and exposing UPND lies.

‘‘When Simayaba left PF he said he was going to UPND to add value, and he has stuck to his words as he has added value to the party by exposing their lies,’’ he said.

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