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Road blocks have increased


The Inspector General of Police is not telling the truth about unnecessary road blocks. In fact they have increased here in Livingstone. Road blocks are mounted every day especially in Maramba at a place called Mosque and Mbita road around  22:00 hrs and 09:00 hrs. At 07:00 hrs it is even worse. They have not reduced. I can even name the officers who are amounting these road blocks. 

Dimba Mukulu, Livingstone.


Mucheleka wiser  


It’s good to hear Patrick Mucheleka after that good bruising from  PF. Mwabweleni nakabili ku fikoti. You are wise now; you should learn from that bashing.

Simon Mwape, Kabwe.


Coach slept on the job


I am a very disappointed fan. Coaches and players failed to read the South Africa-Zambia game. In the first half we were lacking an attacking  midfielder; but I don’t know what happened in dressing room. Shame on our local coaches. How can he say we slept? So he was not reading the game.

Disappointed fan from Chazanga.


Tonga president


Can you kindly give me space in your paper to join those people who  have condemned Mr. Nkombo for his tribal remarks especially that it was spoken on the floor of the House. I am wondering how one province can send a Tonga to Plot 1. The problem I have with his statement is that in case of a miracle they succeed, will such a President take development to other provinces since he will be a President for Tongas only?

M. Mwelya, KTK.


 M’membe uses people


The sooner some Zambians realise how Fred M’membe uses people, destroys and discards them to rot, the better Zambia and its people will become. Don’t be fooled by the larger than life photo of you in M’membe’s paper and you think you are there. You are there only for a  purpose. To serve and only to serve M’membe. Dr Kaseba  was dragged from the funeral  by M’membe to challenge for the PF presidency, used her and then once her reputation was soiled discarded her. Dr Kaseba, please don’t let M’membe destroy you further. You are an intelligent woman with a rational mind. This victim stunt about the house will destroy you. This is free advice. 



 Many losing jobs in Masaiti


I wish to ask Government to intervene in the  matter of jobs at Dangote in Masaiti. Yes, we appreciate  this company for  coming to create jobs fot Zambians. However, things do not seem to move as expected due to some contractors who employed many  Zambians.

Dangote wants to employ those working for contractors directly in its company.

In short to take those employed by contractors to  be full time employees of Dangote.

The major contractor – Silondwa Engineering – is laying off people without paying them benefits.

Can the management of Dangote and Government help the situation  before many people are subjected to more poverty due to non-payment of dues.

Can also Government through Dangote absorb those who are working on contract to full time employees.

Dangote has created thousands of employees through this industry in Africa.

Concerned citizen.

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