One Zambia, One nation

THE One Zambia One nation slogan is a unifying factor which must be supported by all well meaning Zambians.

Why is it that most, if not all, the private radio and TV stations throughout the country have not supported the proclamation of One Zambia One Nation like ZNBC are doing before reading of the main news?

It’s sad that most of these radio stations are just pre-occupied with live phone-in programmes which are slowly dividing our nation. Here in Lusaka one radio station conducts its live phone-in prgramme at 18:30 hours hrs Monday to Friday.

The presenters mostly bring topics which are against the Government and the known callers from one opposition party use unpalatable words with impunity against our President. One wonders if Special Branch or OP do exist.  DC.


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One Response to “One Zambia, One nation”

  1. Mwananzuki says:

    One Zambia one Nation slogan is a well coined slogan but PF is not applying the slogan to the good hearing of the majority of the Zambians
    The PF leaders and their minions are using hate language to keep hanging on to power Shameless coons.


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