Simuusa comments on miners’ job losses not new

Dear Editor

I am a staunch PF supporter and I wish from the onset to disagree with the style of politics being exhibited by our Nchanga MP Wylbur Simuusa in particular in relation to job losses on the Copperbelt.

I think Simuusa is pushing open doors for his personal political gain considering what President Lungu has recently done to help the miners who lost their employment.

Who does not know that the issue of job losses is hurting everyone for him to begin to talk like that?

Doesn’t he know that indirectly he is de-campaigning his 0wn party?

To me Simuusa does not mean well because if he had any issues over the matter he should have done so through the normal party channels instead of rushing to the Post, the paper which is always insulting President Lungu, to shed his tears.

May be he has forgotten that whatever is happening in Zambia is also true in many of our neighbouring countries and he should not blow the matter out of proportion. Simuusa is an educated man who should know this even better.

Government has already worked out a detailed programme to try and settle the affected miners and so there is nothing new Simuusa is telling the nation.

Instead of him being in forefront destroying the so-called apprehension he is busy sowing seeds of despondency. I strongly feel that he is not impartial to his own party.


Simon Mwila


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