Men of God should keep out of politics

I do not know this Life Giving Word International Ministries very well but its name is really interesting.

How I wished the leader of the church Bishop Ellison Bwalya had lived to the name of his church, then life in Zambia would have been a lot better, full of life. But Lo Bishop Belaya’s month is full of politics instead of the divine word from high above and today he calls PF a selfish government that is bent on bringing misery to Zambia.

What a sweeping statement. Sure Bishop is there a government in the world whose sole purpose would be to bring misery to the people who voted for it?

The trouble with our Zambian clergy today is that it is all webbed up in politics instead of bringing sinners to God as priority.

Bishop Bwalya I think that you are better off in church and asking God to intervene in whatever challenges are facing this great nation.  Visionless criticism alone will not do and this you know.

Sorry you have not impressed me.

Sarah Chibwe,


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