Kabimba paying the price


It is a sign of lack of intellect for one to fail to see beyond his or her nose; not to realize the repercussions of one’s actions. Kabimba should have realized that inciting PF youths to hit back when provoked could one day make him a victim. What happened in Chipata should not surprise him. He had it coming because he is reaping what he sowed when he was the top boss of PF. He should not even complain. He should realize that he made it impossible for himself to walk the streets of Zambia freely after being fired by late President Sata. So this is the price he is paying for taking people for granted.

Micky, Lusaka 


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One Response to “Kabimba paying the price”

  1. Kabimba is just unfortunate he was supposed to be the president by now. But things just fall apart if IT were could just stay away from politicks.


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