Post bullet mystery deepens


INSEPCTOR General of Police Stella Libongani yesterday failed to explain the Post Newspaper shooting incident as the mystery deepened.

According to police findings the bullet that went through the Post Newspaper office roof was a ‘‘stray and non-lethal’’ one because it had a standard shape and was not deformed.

But retired police and army officers have described the conclusion as nonsense.

They explained that police should have indicated the direction from which the bullet  was fired and at what angle it entered the  building.

“At what angle did the bullet enter the building, was it fired from a helicopter on top of the building or was there somebody from the side of the building? “  a retired army officer asked.

Mystery surrounding the  shooting has now deepened after Ms Libongani failed yesterday to state or indicates the direction from where the bullet came or the shooter could have been at the time the shooting took place.

Instead Ms Libongani told journalists that attended the briefing at her office that the bullet was a stray one which was non-lethal as it kept its standard shape at the time it reached the floor and was not deformed.

And Ms Libongani said there was no political pressure in the manner the investigations were conducted, saying a report will be made available to the Post upon request.

Addressing the press yesterday at her office, Ms. Libongani said the police concluded investigations over the shooting that took place at the Post Newspapers office along Bwinjimfumu road.

“The Zambia Police concluded investigations in the incident that happened at the Post Newspaper head office in Lusaka on 30th September, 2015. From the investigations, we concluded that the bullet that went through the Post Newspaper office was a stray and non-lethal because it had a standard shape and was not deformed.

‘‘We carried out investigations in the surrounding areas and all the witnesses interviewed indicated that they did not hear any gunshot in the area at the time or prior to the incident,” Ms. Libongani said.

Ms. Libongani said in the findings it was revealed that the damage in the rooftop was caused by a gunshot whose bullet calibre was 7.62mm commonly used in firearms such as AK47, She -rifle and SKS rifle.

She explained that the findings also indicated that the bullet which perforated the roof came from outside and penetrated the celling board, assuring the Post and all stakeholders that the outcome of the investigations was credible as it was handled professionally.

The Police Inspector General stated that her men and women who investigated the shooting worked without any political pressure or interference from anybody before the investigations were concluded some time back.

Ms. Libongani further said the outcome of the investigations was made available to President Edgar Lungu and the Ministry of Home Affairs sometime back.

She said police’s primary duty was to save life and protect property and it was their duty to ensure that the matter was handled without pressure.

Ms Libongani asked the Post Newspaper to write to her office if they have any complaint or dissatisfaction against the first team that went to carry out the investigations.

She said police was a professional body that carried out investigations in a professional manner.

Ms Libongani said during investigations the police focused on:

1. Measuring the projectile to determine the size and identification of the weapon which was fired.

2 Examination of the projectile to determine the impact in order to approximate the distance travelled and the lethal or non-lethal state of the projectile.

3 Examination of the impact made on the landing surface to determine the lethal or non-lethal state of the projectile.

4. Measurements of the size and nature of the perforation to determine the direction from which the projectile penetrated.

5.Measurements of the perforation angle in order to adduce the projection angle as it would have told us how the firearm was positioned when firing and;

6. Examination on the projectile for identical markings which in future could help identify the weapon from which it was fired.

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One Response to “Post bullet mystery deepens”

  1. Mwananzuki says:

    Huge sums of money has been spent on police training but we are not getting the quality services from these men and women in uniform. .All those police officers who were involved in the POST shoot out investigations must relived of their duties for glaring incompetency


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