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Bishop Mambo watch your tongue

Men of God like Bishop John Mambo really baffle me. Some of the issues they raise leave much to be desired because often times they are blatantly absurd.

Sometimes I w0nder why they bother to wear those clerical collars because they appear not to be adding any value to whatever the people of Zambia are going through.

May be some of them cannot cerebrally read issues in the country and opt for the easier way out – insult the leadership.

Take Bishop Mambo who claims that Zambians voted for a visionless president, Mr Edgar Lungu. In other words he says Zambians are stupid to have vote for Mr Lungu. Odd indeed.

Just what has the church done to help those miners who have lost their jobs? Nothing. Soon they will be asking the same jobless mines to sow seeds of blessings. Whoever told them that God’s blessings are for sale.

It is for this reason that some of these so-called men and women of God have become small-time politicians to satisfy their personal egos.

Many retirees have died at the hands of churches which trick them into wrongly advising them to take their entire benefits to churches for them to prosper.

The opposite is the truth; it is the pastors, prophets, bishops etc who are always smiling as they proudly run to the banks. A big shame indeed.

For me, I have decided to praise my God in my house instead of the churches whose leaders are daily milking the poor.

People are repeatedly being told to sow seeds of blessings yet there is no time for them to harvest.

If you look at these men and women of God, they are driving the most expensive cars on the market and live in huge luxurious mansions while their followers wallow in poverty in compounds.

Those who claim to be leaders in the works of God must live an exemplary life, which gives hope to their followers. I am seeing less of this though.

I would want to advise Bishop Mambo to be careful with his words. He should be the last person to use derogatory language against leaders chosen by God. God is counting the tears of the people the clergy is insulting daily.

Godfrey Simwaka


MMD MPS have shown

true leadership

It is pleasing that not withstanding the fact that there is an opportunity for the opposition to de-campaign the ruling party on the basis of the economic challenges we are going through as Zambians, the MMD MPs have decided to identify with majority Zambians who have for a long time now cried for a new Constitution that takes care of their aspirations.

I wish to express my admiration of MMD MPs’ leadership qualities. It is not a small gesture; it is a huge contribution to the wellbeing of Zambians.

Imagine for the first time, politicians have beaten leaders of some civil society organizations such as Fr Leonard Chiti of the JCTR who seems to have abandoned his advocacy role to push his political agenda in the opposition UPND in wisdom and love. Fr Chiti must redeem himself; Zambians no long respect the role of JCTR because of his selfishness. JCTR of Fr Peter Henriot was a reputable organization which periodically provided credible researched information to decision-makers at all levels.

I was shocked when my friends in his organization told me that Fr Chiti told his juniors to vote for HH in the presidential election early this year.

There is nothing wrong with Fr Chiti belonging to the party of his choice, what is wrong is him using his organization to champion his political cause.

UPND MPs have missed another chance to show true leadership but it seems they are there for money.

They did the same thing during the MMD reign. After earning colossal sums of money as allowances from the NCC, they shot down the NCC Bill.

I pity both HH and Jack Mwiimbu, because HH will not listen to his legal counsel Mwiimbu as he fears to be told to shut up.

I thought professionals don’t fear anyhow but from the look of things HH has created an aura of fear around his people.

To me, that is a bad sign. I urge Zambians to reflect on the conduct of HH in the recent times and form opinions if at all that is what they want in a leader.

Edgar Lungu may not be a perfect human being but his love for everyone including those that have declared war against him for no apparent reason puts him far ahead of other presidential aspirants in the 2016 general elections.

Lastly, I would like to thank the MMD MPs and its leader Nevers Mumba for the exemplary leadership they have shown on the Constitution Amendment Bill.  It is refreshing to be part of this generation of people who are willing to do things differently.

Live long MMD MPs, live long PF MPs, live Long President Lungu.

Enock Chulu,


Councils’ irregular transfers condemned

I wish to express my concern over Local Government Service Commission work through this paper that believes in objectivity. I say keep it up.

This commission has brought misery on some families in the way it is managing human resource.

It has forgotten that councils were employing before it came into effect. It is like councils have become irrelevant especially those who were employed before are victims of not having a relevant council.

Some have worked and are performing well, don’t consider them to be useless but useful. How many graduates are performing seriously?

My husband has been transferred on several times in the name of this commission.

I appeal to Government, through the President, to intervene in this matter and bring a stop to this act.

Why can’t it advertise and let people go into those places at their own will rather than transfers.

Transfers should be there when there are complaints about staff/employee which come after investigations. Please stop inconveniencing people anyhow.



Kick out investors selling nshima in Zambia

The move by Government to ban foreigners engaging themselves in chicken rearing and block-making is most welcome.

However I wish this could be extended to those investors selling nshima and sausages at Northmead shopping centre.

There is also a garage on Mukwa Road run by Chinese nationals to repair vehicles. That is not the kind of investment Zambia wants and the list of bad examples is endless. If Chinese nationals can travel this far just to come and repair vehicles what will the owners of the country do? Yes I remember those pictures of Chinese nationals roasting cobs of fresh maize by the road side and our Government to date has said nothing about that shame.


I think the Government should do a remarkable survey like Tanzania has done to ensure that there is a clear line between what foreigners can and cannot do.


Surely what are those Masai hair plaitting men doing in Zambia? Who gave them work permits to run hair salons in Zambia? And still our Government cannot be bothered.

Just what type of people are Zambians who appear to be so indifferent even to situations which directly affect them?


Smart Luchembe,


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