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Dr. Phiri must wake up to corruption

Dear Editor,

I write to express my very sincere disappointment with the reaction of Dr. John Phiri who vigorously defended his officer at the Ministry of Education from charges of corruption in the manner the text books were procured from a Ugandan company and the irregular recruitment of trainee teachers.

While at the Ministry of Local Government Dr Phiri wrongly defended corruption at the Lusaka City Council where plots including parks were sold.

These were very clear cases of corruption brought to light by councillors who felt aggrieved that public property was being disposed of in a very irregular manner.

The Minister went to the public and defended the sale, because his officer assured him that there was no corruption in the council.

There is always a reason why people complain and it is not fair for the Minister to dismiss such complaints because, he is missing an opportunity to correct wrong doing  which may undo the Patriotic Front through association with corruption.

Thjere is no justification for 65 text books to be given to a Uganda publisher and onely  one book to a Zambian publisher with other  given to non-Zambian publishers.

Can the Minister to open and categorical by stating what is missing among Zambian entreprenuers that books should be printed in Uganda.

What is missing in Zambia?

Just because a company is registered in Zambia does not make it a Zambian company in the context of ownership. The difference is that a company owned by non-Zambians registered in Zambia will always expatriate profits to the home country whereas a company owned by Zambians will always use the money locally.

It should be the duty of the Minister to invest in the development of capacity in the country by enabling Zambians rather than supporting a practice that exports jobs, expertise and vital foreign exchange.




Political violence similarities

Dear Editor,

The similarities between Zambia’s vice-president’s house attack in Nalolo and the assault of Dandy Crazy in Mazabuka by UPND cadres are quite astonishing. 

Both political violence attacks took place in UPND’s strongholds. Both incidents of political violence in Nalolo and Kitwe happened when the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was in the area mobilizing his supporters.

And in each case the UPND top leadership denied any involvement of their party cadres in any wrongdoing and laid the finger of blame solely on the PF.

Incidentally, following the political fracas in Kitwe, Monze Central member of parliament Jack Mwiimbu stormed out of Parliament together with other UPND MPs after raising a point of order on whether the opposition’s freedom of movement had been curtailed on the Copperbelt.

As a result, the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini censured the UPND members of parliament for their utterly disrespectful reaction.

Has it all been provocatively choreographed by the top honchos in UPND? One wonders.


Mubanga Luchembe,



Kakoma blown offside over mines job losses

Dear Editor,

I know that the loss of jobs at the mines is an exultant event situation for some political party leaders who want to make a big useless political capital out of it.

Yet the veracity is that whatever party in power would not have made any difference. The miners were still going to lose their jobs because the issue on hand has nothing to do with Zambia.

Many countries throughout the world are in the same situation because of the famed global economic meltdown.

No one should blame PF. PF did not bring the drought or force commodity prices to fall on the international market. Even a grade 7 knows this.

I was therefore surprised to hear from my relative Charles Kakoma of the UPND warning the ruling party not play politics with people’s lives.

I know Mr Kakoma as an intelligent man, a university graduate and a journalist who should comprehend these issues even better.

No government can take pleasure to see its citizens lose jobs no matter what.

There is no need for Mr Kakoma to be sad because what has happened in this country not even his party could have prevented it as it is not a home-grown situation.

He should also not forget that his leader Hakainde Hichilema once contributed to huge job losses in this country through his privatisation programme which he undertook with the MMD government.

He did not advise against it because of the personal gains which made him what he is today.

Sorry Mr Kakoma I am not with you on this one. Kindly discuss issues which will change to the lives of Zambians for the better. Flogging a dead will not help UPND in any way.


Moffat Msumali


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